Magic Reed Oboe Reed Collection

Magic Reed Oboe Reeds

Magic Reed Oboe Reeds - Handmade To Sound Best. Medium-MH/Dense Cane. Beefy Response. Expressive. Nuanced. For Advanced To Expert Players.

Magic Reed Handmade Oboe Reed Collection is unique in the world of professional reed making. I draw tube cane from my inventories of Marion (2017) and Alliaud (2019/2022)- 10.5-11 diameter range. Most reed makers do not use cane of this quality, density and harder strength because it is expensive and more difficult to work with.  I do so because they enable me to achieve some of my boldest, and most nuanced, results. Chiarugi #2 47 mm staples are used to promote a blended tone and lovely focus. Reeds feature my signature American long scrape with a construction that is designed for a more robust/meaty response with a medium aperture size. They with a great capacity for tonal complexity and musical expression. Stronger embouchures and support systems are recommended to fully take advantage of their extra structure. Intermediate reeds are sorted for somewhat smaller apertures. Individual results vary.

Available in Intermediate, Professional, Elite and Custom grades. Reed Makers Choice and English Horn Reeds also included on this page.