Student Oboe Reeds- Handmade

Student Oboe Reeds

Student Oboe Reeds: Handmade To Sound Best

Beginner To Advanced. Learn Faster, Sound Better And Have More Fun.

Student Oboe Reeds are handmade and designed for a broad range of players from first blow to the advanced level.

Newcomers will enjoy options with a supple response without sacrificing tone and pitch. We use the same staple, same cane (sized for accessibility) and same scrape as professional models, making them unique in the industry.

We offer four intermediate brands for players with at least 18 months experience and developing to well developed embouchures. They are made with our best medium to medium hard cane which is sized, scraped and structured for more expressive play. Highly accomplished players seeking a lighter response than our pro models (or a budget friendly alternative) also enjoy our intermediate options.