Beginner/Student Oboe Reeds

Best Student Oboe Reeds For Early Learners. Responsive, Sound  Great, Longer Lasting. 

My Student Oboe Reeds are handmade from scratch with a custom construction and scrape to promote accessibility for better learning and more fun in early music making. Attention to detail, expert hand finishing and strict quality controls make them the very best on market.  While they are the lightest reeds in my product line, they are still beefier than most other student oboe reeds on the market. By leaving a little extra wood  in all the right places, I achieve a great result while promoting reed longevity that many customers appreciate. They are never tissue thin like some other reeds on the market, so be prepared to work a little harder if that is what you are used to. Grasshopper Reeds are great as a first blow- 6 months option. Others are generally recommended for those who have more than 6 months experience, are engaged with a private teacher, and are beginning to achieve a  working embouchure. 

Below is a demonstration of my student/intermediate oboe reed.  It reveals the potential of this reed grade by a player who would normally play on a pro model.