First Chair Oboe Reed Collection

First Chair Oboe Reeds

First Chair Oboe Reeds-Handmade To Sound Your Best. Rouche M-MH Cane. Medium Response. Beautiful Warm Tone. For Developing To Highly Accomplished Players.

First Chair Oboe Reeds are handmade from scratch with a custom construction and scrape. They are designed to promote a free-blowing, supple playing experience and a warm tone without sacrificing stability and pitch. They are made with Rouche cane, processed in-house with regular wall/density. My preference is for 10.5-11 diameter cane. Summertime diameters tend to be in the larger end of the range vs what I may choose to work with during winter months. Paired with Chiarugi 47 mm 2+ staple. Professional construction and nuanced American scrape. Intermediate and Professional models. Designed for players with at least 18 months experience up to the expert level. Individual results vary.