Oboe Reed Orders Shipped In 5-8 Work Days

First Chair Oboe Reeds

Quality Handmade Oboe Reeds Featuring Warm Tone And Supple Response. Choice Of Rouche (M) Or Vic (MH) Premium Cane Brands. Student To Professional Models .

First Chair Oboe Reeds are handmade from scratch. They are designed to promote a free-blowing, supple playing experience and a warm tone  without sacrificing stability and pitch.  Two great batches of cane in medium and medium hard strengths. Rouche Oboe Cane (M) Vic (MH) in 10.5-11 diameter. Regular wall/density. Professional construction and nuanced American scrape. Student, Intermediate and Professional models. Designed for players with at least six months experience. Choice of full or hybrid scrape at professional level.  Hybrid scrape (5-30% by profiler at the student/intermediate level).