Origin Oboe Reeds- Handmade

Origin Oboe Reeds

Origin Oboe Reeds: Handmade To Sound Best

 Beefy Response. Expressive. Nuanced. Premium Medium-MH/Dense Cane. For Advanced Intermediates To Professionals. 

Origin Handmade Oboe Reeds (formerly Magic Reed brand) is the cornerstone of our oboe reed category. They are beautiful, expressive and robust reeds that are a pleasure to play. I use Marion (2017) or Alliaud (2019/2022) cane in the 10.5-11 diameter range and process it in house. Apertures are right sized by grade. Cane of this quality, strength/density is preferred by elite artists/reed makers but rarely used by professional reed makers because they are harder to make, cost more, and have a lower yield. That doesn't stop me. Made with Chiarugi #2 47 mm staples. Stronger embouchures and support systems (relative to grade level) are recommended to fully take advantage of their extra structure.  Individual results vary. 

Available in Intermediate, Professional,  Elite and English Horn models.