Reed Monkey Oboe Reed Collection

Reed Monkey Oboe Reeds

Reed Monkey Handmade Oboe Reeds With Premium Medium Strength Cane. Beautiful Tone,  Supple Response. For Developing To Highly Accomplished Players.

Reed Monkey Handmade Oboe Reeds are crafted from scratch in my shop. They are designed for intermediate, advanced and professional players who prefer playing on true medium strength cane which is processed in-house for best outcomes. I pair Magic Reed brand oboe cane in 10.5-11 diameters with reed maker choice from my collection of Chiarugi professional staples. They are beautiful, responsive and consistent reeds that are accessible to a broad range of players. Intermediate And Professional Models. Intermediate reeds generally have smaller apertures than the pro models for easier handling.  Pro reeds tend to have a broader, more expressive tone and require a more developed embouchure. Individual results vary.