Oboe Reed Orders Shipped In 5-8 Work Days

Used Oboe For Sale- Laubin Rosewood (c1990)

Magic Reed is currently offering a wonderful Laubin Rosewood (c1990) in excellent condition with a new Bam Oboe Case (valued over $300). Since this is my own oboe, I can set the right price without worrying about unrealistic seller expectations and fixed consignment contracts. I never buy an oboe I wouldn't want to keep myself, so it always hurts some when I sell them. My oboes are always serviced by a master repair technician with an expertise in oboe.  5 day trials are available with extra incentives for final sale as described. Every sale comes with 3 custom oboe reeds.  Due to the nature of these products, they cannot be purchased directly on this website.  Please contact me directly for more information, include setting up a pick-up for regional trial or final sale.  I do not ship outside the region due to issues with carriers.