Intermediate Oboe Reeds- Handmade

Intermediate Oboe Reeds

Intermediate Oboe Reeds: Handmade To Sound Best

For Aspiring To Advanced Level Players. Balanced For Response, Tone And Pitch. 

Our Intermediate Oboe Reeds are handmade from scratch and finished to order. They are designed for players with developing to developed embouchures. Balanced for tone, pitch and  accessible response. We offer four beautiful intermediate brands with nuanced differences that are generally attributable to cane strength, aperture size and the nuanced scrape required for best results. They are recommended for players with at least 18 months experience. Private study with an oboe teacher is also recommended. More accomplished players seeking a high quality reed with a light response or budget friendly price will also enjoy them.  Ready for the best of the best for a few dollars more? Consider our Professional Oboe Reed options.