Handmade Oboe Reeds To Sound Your Best

Magic Reed specializes in high quality handmade oboe reeds for aspiring to elite players. My signature reed making style evolved from conservatory training at Juilliard and Oberlin, and later mentorship with Bert Lucarelli. I offer six differentiated brands with full descriptions to promote wise buying decisions. Consultations are easy to schedule when more information is needed. A curated selection of accessories, reed making supplies, tools/equipment sheet music and used oboes is also offered. Enjoy your visit. Kathy Sheinhouse, Owner/Reed Maker

About My Oboe Reeds

Cane & Staples

Individual cane brands (Alliaud/ Marion, Vic, Rouche, Feng) are paired with specific reed brands (see full brand descriptions). The brand collection above is presented in order from relatively higher to lower resistance. Student/Intermediate reeds only use medium strength cane within batch with an extra sort for aperture size. Staples: Chiarugi - brass/natural cork/47 mm.

Cane Gouging And Shaping

Cane processing is done in-shop. Heavy editing for cracks and abnormalities. Kunibert gouger- @.60/.45. Reeds 'n Stuff Shaper Machine. I use one of my 4 medium sized shaper forms depending on results. Shapes include Brannen X, Mack ++, Mack Pfeiffer and Lucarelli.


Tie length- 72.5-73mm. Finished reed length- 69-70 mm. Scrape: Signature American long scrape. Defined tip. No cliff. Heart thickness- .40-.43 mm. Balanced for tone, pitch and response. Multiple finishing cycles. Tested & certified at or above grade.

A Message From Kathy

I believe your oboe reeds should be a friend, not a foe. They should meet you where you are and help you get where you want to go. My most loyal customers include elite performing artists, accomplished adult amateurs and students actively engaged with private instructors. On balance, students learn faster, sound better and participate in more music making activities. Professionals appreciate a reliable source of concert worthy reeds capable of full musical expression. Check out a sampling of customer feedback on my Testimonial page. It is my goal and privilege to use my skills and experience to promote more satisfying musical lives for my customers. Welcome to Magic Reed. Kathy Sheinhouse, Owner/ Reed Maker.