Handmade Oboe Reeds

The Heart Of Our Oboe Reed Makes All The Difference

Our handmade oboe reeds have a national reputation for warmth, expression, balance, scale and longevity.  They have been enjoyed by leading artists, educators and students who report that "they don't just speak- they sing".  Magic Reeds are designed with a more robust heart than is typical in the industry.  They are harder to make, but produce a more professional result with a greater range of expression and increased longevity. We craft student, intermediate, professional, and custom professional oboe reeds in graduated strength and nuance so every player can sound their best, and do so within their budget.   Our custom model has some terrific options not found elsewhere in the market, and is priced to be in reach of most advanced players. Subscription services are available.  Current ship time- 5 days or less.

Oboe Reeds- Click On Any Image To Learn More

Oboe Reeds- Click On Any Image To Learn More

Specialty Oboe Cane

Oboe Cane For Experienced Reed Makers Because Results Really Matter

Our priority at Magic Reed is to carry extraordinary oboe cane capable of pleasing the most discriminating reed maker.   Leading artists and educators have become loyal customers,  because  they know we fully test product prior to our purchase, we work with the same cane we sell, and only invest in extraordinary cane that we want in our inventory for years to come.  

Our oboe cane comes in three grades.  Our most elite cane is sold under our Magic Reed label.  It is generally scarce, our inventories are finite, and replacing inventory with similar quality is not assured.  This cane is available in tube (in limited quantities) and processed forms, is highly sorted, and comes in 10-10.5 and 10.5-11 diameters.  It leans toward the harder side of the spectrum where experienced reed making skills are most helpful to the result. 

We now offer conservatory and pre-conservatory cane under the Magic Reed Frejus label.  This cane is generally medium strength, is easier to work with, and is available in 10.5-11 diameters.  We have options that lend themselves to light or more covered embouchures. We are able to make it more affordable to students because we only offer it in processed form.  Some of these options are not available anywhere else in the USA.

For those who would like to enjoy our cane without mounting their own blank, we offer blanks and profiled reeds.

Oboe Cane- Special sale  going on now

Oboe Cane- Special sale going on now

Educator Services

Special Programs For Conservatory/Studio Oboe Teachers and Secondary School Music Educators

Oboe educators serving larger oboe student populations have special needs.  Its hard to ensure that all students have access the best oboe reeds available and quality cane to play great and achieve developmental objectives.  It is even harder to keep them affordable. Most busy professionals appreciate a trusted partner in their effort.  Our programs enable educator partners to  earn, and pass along,  discounts relative to the size of their orders and delivery option.  Please call us directly to discuss your needs and our solutions, including pricing.  Note: Student oboe reeds are not eligible for further discounts, but may, in certain situations, accrue points toward discounts on intermediate and professional reeds.

Educator Programs (no link)

Educator Programs (no link)


We have earned wonderful reviews for our reeds, cane, customer service and professionalism.  These come from the highest echelons of the professional community to students, eager to play better, progress faster and have more fun. Thanks to all who have shared their feedback with us.  

  •  "Your reeds are, by far, the best I have found.  I am playing better than ever".  "Thank you so much for these great reeds.  Now I am motivated to practice again.  You go girl."
  • "Your cane loves to be scraped".  "How much cane can you sell me?"

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