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Best In Category Handmade Oboe Reeds

Magic Reed crafts performance quality handmade oboe reeds for aspiring to elite players. They are all made from scratch in my shop with no outsourcing. I offer five brands- each with their own personality/functionality to meet the needs of most players. My product descriptions offer full transparency in: cane (brand, diameter, size and strength); construction; and, scrape. Each reed is designed to promote the buyer's best playing experience.

A Message From Kathy

I believe your oboe reeds should be a friend, not a foe. They should meet you where you are and help you get where you want to go. My reeds are designed to respond to increased wind speed with the right response, and improved tone/expression. This is possible because I leave more wood in the right places. My five brands allow the customer to establish their priority in reed function. I then craft their reed to balance the other functions around their preference for a more customized experience. My customers include elite performing artists and their most aspiring students. On balance, students learn faster, sound better and participate in more music making activities. Professionals get to concentrate on the preparation for, and the achievement of, bravo worthy performances. This beats fussing with stubborn reeds any day (but especially in a crunch). I am here to help if you need me. Kathy Sheinhouse, Owner/ Reed Maker