Handmade Oboe Reeds

Magic Reed handmade oboe reeds have a national reputation for warmth, expression, balance, scale and dynamic range.  They have been enjoyed by leading artists, educators and their students who report that "they don't just speak- they sing".   All of our oboe reeds feature an American long scrape with a signature robust heart, and are finished to professional standards.  We offer student, intermediate, conservatory,  professional, elite professional and custom oboe reed models.   Our customers appreciate the range of choices we have within and across grades, and are given all the information they need to find an option that is just right for them, and within their budgets. 

Reeds are customized by grade to enable players to sound their best wherever they are within the spectrums of skills and styles.  Student reeds are designed to correspond to embouchure maturity, with enough structure throughout to convert advances in production skills to an exponentially better sound.  Our professional reeds offer players with fully developed, yet individualized production skills, the flexibility they need for a broader dynamic range and increased nuanced in tone and vibrato.  Self-directed customizations are available in our Elite and Custom models.  


Hand-Processed Oboe Cane

Magic Reed specializes in performance quality, harder oboe cane, for the experienced to expert reed maker.  We are proud of our roster of elite professional oboists who rely on us to provide them with the cane they need to create their best reeds for their most important performances.   Our early 2017 inventory  has been described  as "the best in 20 years" and is marketed as our own  Magic Reed brand.  We have worked hard to identify new sources of cane that match its quality but complement its attributes.  We are pleased that we have been able to add a select group of branded canes to our line-up in the beginning of 2019.  Our business model is unique in the industry. 

  • We are laser focused on locating, pre-testing and purchasing great quality, no fuss cane.   We only purchase cane that is worthy of a long-term investment, and usually one at a time. This means improved quality and reliability for our customers over time.
  • The cane we have in inventory is not typically carried by other domestic cane sellers, and it is usually scarce when we buy it.   Our best customers buy as much as we are able to offer them.
  • We use the same cane that we sell for our core reed making business.  The quality of this cane is a critical component of the success we have enjoyed.
  • We offer precision processed gouged and shaped cane in conservatory and elite professional grades. It is highly sorted by diameter, strength, density, shape and overall quality, and is available in medium to hard strengths.  
  • We also offer split to pre-gouge options for those with gougers who like our cane enough to buy it in non-tube form.
  • While the bulk of our inventory is private labelled under the Magic Reed brand, we have recently added a select group of brands that complement our brand in strength, density and size.  

Winter "Shape-Up" Promotion:
Buy gouged cane at regular price and get it shaped free!

Winter "Shape-Up" Promotion: Buy gouged cane at regular price and get it shaped free!

Used Oboes

We are as selective about used oboes as we are about oboe cane.  We focus on the optimal intersection of age, condition and quality so we can offer a great value to our customers.  Check out our Used Oboe page to learn more about our current offers.

Now On Sale: Fox 400-$3800.

Now On Sale: Fox 400-$3800.

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