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About Magic Reed

Magic Reed specializes in "best in class" handmade oboe reeds, cane and select reed making supplies.  Our new English horn, oboe d'amore and bassoon products provide customers with the benefits of our expert reed making and cane procurement synergies that exist across the double reed category.

Our Products

Handmade Oboe Reeds

Handmade Oboe Reeds, Oboe Reeds

We offer a full range of handmade professional and student oboe reeds.  Customers report that "they don't just speak- they sing".  They are warm, responsive and balanced to promote your best performance.  We feature an America scrape with more beef than is customary in the industry for a truly professional or near professional experience depending on grade... and they typically last longer too.

Professional Oboe Cane

Professional Oboe Cane, Oboe Cane, Oboe Tube Cane, Oboe Cane Gouged and Shaped

We pre-test, certify, and purchase long term inventories of extraordinary cane, and usually only from one grower per year.  This provides our customers with consistently better product over time, and the ability to replicate their success in future orders.

Oboe Staples & Supplies

Oboe Staples, Guercio Oboe Staples, Chiarugi Oboe Staples, Discount Oboe Staples

The staple is a critical building block for  great reed making.  We have established an inventory of staples that are most popular in the US, and offer them at competitive prices as a service to our oboe cane customers.

English Horn Reeds & Reed Making Supplies

English Horn Reed, Handmade English Horn Reed, English Horn Cane, English Horn Staples

English horn players can expect the same performance quality and attention to detail as found in our oboe line.  We offer finished reeds, blanks, cane and staples.

Oboe D'amore Reeds

Oboe D'amore Reeds, Handmade Oboe D'Amore Reeds, Professional Oboe D'Amore Reeds

Our oboe d'amore finished reeds and blanks are a professional service to our elite customers.  These reeds are 95% finished, leaving the final details to expert reed makers who just need a head start. 

Bassoon Reeds & Cane

Bassoon Reeds, Handmade Bassoon Reeds, Professional Bassoon Reeds, Bassoon Cane, Bassoon Cane Gouged

Greetings bassoonists!  We have launched this product line to take advantage of bassoon cane referrals through our network of oboists in major orchestras.  We will grow the bassoon reed category over time, and are starting with a collaboration with a sensational bassoon reed maker.

Meet Kathy Sheinhouse, Your Personal Reed Maker

Kathy Sheinhouse, Professional Oboe Reed Maker

Conservatory trained at Juilliard (Lois Wann) and Oberlin College (James Caldwell), with additional influences from Bert Lucarelli and Virginia Brewer.  My goal is to provide you with reeds that promote your best performance, wherever you are in your musical life- student to recording artist.



Learn more about reed making, cane processing, pipeline management, and player development.

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