About Magic Reed

Magic Reed has served the oboe community with the best of the best handmade oboe reeds since 2007. We offer student, intermediate, professional and custom options. We also have English horn, oboe d'amore and bassoon reeds of equal quality.   We make our reeds from scratch, and to order, with   the goal of promoting extraordinary performances at every level of proficiency.  We searched the world to build a long-term inventory of a small group of beautiful oboe cane for our own reed making needs, and offer a portion of it to our colleagues in tube and processed forms.  Our customer base is very loyal, and appreciates our efforts to ensure their best experience with every order.

Our Products

Handmade Oboe Reeds

Handmade Oboe Reeds

We offer a full range of handmade oboe reeds in student to professional models. Customers report that "they don't just speak- they sing".  They are warm, responsive and balanced to promote your best performance.  Current turnaround 3-4 days.

Professional Oboe Cane

Professional Oboe Cane

We have a wonderful core inventory of oboe cane that has been critically acclaimed by some of the country's leading artists.  Our customers reap the benefits of our worldwide search for the best of the best that is critical for our success as a leader in commercial reed making.  We process all of our tube cane in-house and offer it in tube, gouged, and shaped forms.

English Horn & Oboe D'Amore Reeds

Handmade English Horn Reeds

Our English horn and oboe d'amore reeds and blanks are made to performance standards and reflect the same quality and attention to detail as found in our oboe line.  They are designed for a bold, beautiful tone that includes plenty of nuance. Our oboe d'amore reeds are available in blank and profiled forms.  

Bassoon Reeds

Handmade Bassoon Reeds and Cane

Greetings bassoonists!  Our bassoon reeds are made by a wonderful professional bassoonist who graduated from Eastman and is currently enjoying a flourishing career.  Give these reeds a test drive.  You will not be disappointed!