Handmade Oboe Reeds- Made To Order In Real Time

Our handmade oboe reeds have a national reputation for warmth, expression, balance, scale and longevity.  They have been enjoyed by some of the country's leading artists who report that "they don't just speak- they sing" (and they sing a long time).  Magic Reeds are designed with more wood in all the right places , making the extra nuance oboists want possible.  We make student, intermediate, professional, and custom professional oboe reeds in graduated strengths.   For those who seek a headstart in their own reed making efforts, we also offer blanks and profiled only options.  Subscription services are available.

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Quality Oboe Cane- Precision Processed In-House

Magic Reed Oboe Cane is a premium oboe cane, purchased from the south of France in 2017, and offered in medium plus to hard strengths. It has received rave reviews from the elite artists and educators where it was described as "the best in 20 years"  "a joy to work with" and, " loves to be scraped".  We bought plenty so that we can draw from this same inventory  for ourselves and our customers for many years to come.  Our gouged and shaped options are precision processed in house and our cane is sorted by strength, density and diameter.  Magic Reed Cane carries a premium price, as one would expect for its quality and scarcity. 

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Quality Used Oboes In Concert Ready Condition

Magic Reed carries a select group of used oboes we would be happy to play ourselves, or are of the quality we would want for our students. We maximize customer value by carefully selecting used oboes with the ideal intersection of quality/age/price point.   We work hard to ensure that every oboe we sell gets expert servicing so it is in excellent/concert ready condition when you receive it.   If you have an oboe to sell that is in good condition, please contact us directly to discuss.

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  • ​Virginia Brewer-  "I have been using Kathy's reeds in concert for years, and enjoy their warmth, response and stability.  She is my go-to reed maker for my important events". (Virginia is now a retired concert artist).
  • Scott Bell- "Over the years I have spent way too much money and time in pursuit of the "right" cane.  More recently, I have been very happy using cane from the Magic Reed.  It is a great relief to my sanity and pocketbook trusting that someone out there knows how to find great cane. I honestly don't have the skills to make decent reeds out of mediocre cane so finding cane like this  with the right texture and durability is critical in my process. 
  • View additional reviews through links on our product description pages.

Thank You To Those Who Shared Their Reed Or Cane Experience With Us.  Click  To Read More Reviews.

Thank You To Those Who Shared Their Reed Or Cane Experience With Us. Click To Read More Reviews.

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