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High End Handmade Oboe Reed Products

Finished and Partially Finished (Head Start) Oboe Reeds Just The Way You Like Them

Our handmade oboe reeds have a national reputation for tone quality, expression, balance, scale and longevity- and we have the reviews to prove it.  They are unique in the industry.  They don't just speak- they sing (and they sing a long time).  This is only possible because we create a beefier reed than is typical for most professional reed makers.  Magic Reeds are designed for professionals first, and then modified for other dedicated players with at least 1 year of experience.   We offer student, intermediate, custom and professional models with graduated resistance and nuance.  We also offer head start reeds in blank and profiled form to give developing, or otherwise busy, oboists the best chance for reed making success.

Professional Oboe Cane- Tube, Gouged Or Shaped

Professional Oboe Cane That is Sure To Improve Your Reed Making Results

Our Magic Reed Oboe Cane has been described as "the best in 20 years" by elite recording artists and conservatory educators. "It loves to be scraped".  We seek out extraordinary oboe cane worthy of our long term needs, and good enough to be marketed under our own label. Our current inventory is from our coveted 2017 stock, and we will share as much as we can spare, with deference to our core reed making business.  All gouge and shaped oboe cane is hand sorted and precision processed in-house.  Tube cane is hand-sorted for quality, diameter, and strength to ensure optimal results.  Tube cane is offered on a limited basis.

Professional Oboe Cane- Tube, Gouged and Shaped.

Professional Oboe Cane- Tube, Gouged and Shaped.

Used Oboes- Always The Best In Their Categories

Optimum Cross Section Of Quality/Condition/Age To Give You A Better Value

Magic Reed carries a select group of used oboes we would be happy to play ourselves, or are of the quality we would want for our students.  We maximize customer value by carefully selecting used oboes with the ideal intersection of quality/age/price point.  Then we buy them, rather than have them consigned to us.  In doing so, we are free to invest in concert ready servicing, and are also free to negotiate the details of the sale to assure that our customers are happy with their experience.  If you have an oboe to sell that is in good condition, please contact us directly to discuss.

Used Oboes- Current inventory includes Laubin, Loree, Fox and Hans Kreul/Miraphone.  We buy oboes.

Used Oboes- Current inventory includes Laubin, Loree, Fox and Hans Kreul/Miraphone. We buy oboes.

A Business Model With You In Mind

Focus On Quality– All the best, including materials, finished products and even packaging.  We put in the time and have the quality controls to stand behind every product we sell.

Customer Service– If you have a question or have a concern you can contact Kathy by e-mail or telephone.

Satisfaction Guarantees– If you are not happy, we will make it right.

Fastest Turnaround In The Business–Usually 3-5 days, and every order comes with an invoice.

Oboe (ist) Education- Check out our backlinks and blog with a wealth of information on reed making, oboe centric decision making,  general  musical development, and much more.

Kathy Sheinhouse, Oboist, Reed Maker and business owner of Magic Reed.

Kathy Sheinhouse, Oboist, Reed Maker and business owner of Magic Reed.

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