Returns/Exchange Policy

I work hard to deliver the very best oboe reed services in the industry.  When you don't have the experience you hope for, I will do my best to remedy the situation.  

Please inspect and test your reeds within 3 days of delivery.  If there is a problem with cracks or leaks, I need to know right away in order to issue a refund or exchange. I may ask for a picture to assess the nature of the problem. Note that hairline cracks found at the base of the reed normally do not effect play and are not treated the same as cracks in the tip that impair performance.

Sometimes the sources of problems are more nuanced (no-fault) and the remedies will be more discretionary. If we agree to a refund or exchange, you may be asked to return the reeds at your expense or pay shipping charges for the exchanged product (not both). 

If you contact me because you just don't like my reed, I can troubleshoot your issues with you. Sometimes, there are easy fixes, and I can share tricks of the trade in oboe reed management.  I may ask other questions- a kind of mini assessment. Did you prepare the reed for play per the "prep instructions" included in every outgoing package?  Did you choose the right grade level for your needs? Do you need a different strength cane? Was the aperture size right for you? Do you live in a geography that will alter the functioning of the reed by closing down or expanding the aperture?  This can effect pitch, response and tone in major ways. I will ask you to remind me of your altitude or aperture preferences in future orders so I can adjust my protocols.  I may suggest another option in my product line.  If I can't help you, I will be honest and tell you. Keep in mind there is no "holy grail" in oboe reeds, just a dream of them.

I am an oboe reed services company happy to work with you to achieve your best musical life with an oboe reed that meets your personal preferences.  This service is unique in the industry.