Grasshopper Oboe Reeds- Handmade

Grasshopper Oboe Reeds

 Grasshopper Oboe Reeds: Beginner / Novice / Student

Best Balance Of Response,Tone And Pitch For Early Learners. Your Musical Journey Begins Here.  

Grasshopper Oboe Reeds are designed for early learners from first blow up to 15 mo. and are best in their categories. They are light and responsive without sacrificing tone and pitch. Grasshopper Reeds are made from hand selected blanks from my high end inventory based on cane strength and expected aperture size (which I want to be a little bit smaller than my intermediate reeds to make them more accessible). On those occasions when I don't have the blank I need in stock, I use some beautiful outsourced profiled cane to create a blank, scrape, finish and certify. This back-up option gets excellent results and is a reliable path to achieving the right results without a lot of additional sorts. Either way, your reed is mounted on a professional Chiarugi staple for best results. As with all oboe reeds, individual results may vary.