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oboe reeds

Handmade Oboe Reeds To Sound Your Best

Professional Oboe Reed Collection

Best Oboe Reeds For Players Seeking Extra Nuance For Full Musical Expression

Our collection of Professional Oboe Reeds are handmade from scratch and curated for top quality.  They are designed for highly accomplished musicians seeking extra input over the functional aspect of their reed (tone, response/resistance, pitch).  Our collection includes four brands that are differentiated by construction, response and tonal attributes.  The core Magic Reed brand includes professional reeds in Standard, Elite and Custom grades. They are 100% hand scraped using somewhat harder/denser cane. They feature extra definition in the scrape, a beautiful, expressive tone, and a robust playing experience.  First Chair reeds are also 100%  hand scraped and features a slimline construction with moderate aperture size, a flexible response and a warm tone.  Reed Monkey features a streamline construction to achieve a beautiful reed that is highly playable, consistent and affordable.  Professionals report some of their best reviews with our reeds.