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Best Quality Professional Oboe Reeds. Robust/Bold/Expressive. Premium M-MH/Dense Cane. For Advanced to Expert Players.

Origin Professional Oboe Reeds are handmade from scratch and are a personal favorite within the pro grade.  Made with my coveted 2017 Marion (Var) or Alliaud oboe cane with medium to medium hard strengths, higher densities, and thicker walls. Reeds have the rich/dark tone color that many highly accomplished players seek. They typically have more resistance than other pro reeds on my site, but not too much to handle unless you are accustomed to a very free blowing experience. Aperture size is above average- consistent with my other pro models. Recommended for professionals, adult amateurs and conservatory bound students with well developed production systems, including  embouchure,  windspeed and support. 

Professional, Elite, English Horn Models. Elite models offer extra nuance and an additional quality sort. Individual results may vary.


Oboe Cane: Cane is drawn from premium Marion or Alliaud (2017/2019)  cane inventories. Cane strength is medium to medium hard with a higher densities. Diameters are 10.5 and 11 with extra sort for somewhat larger size apertures within the batch. Gouge: Kunibert gouge @.60/.45 (small adjustments for cane density and  seasonality). Shape: Mack++ or similar.

Staple: Professional Chiarugi staple 47mm # 2.

Blank Tie Length: 72 - 72.5 mm.

Finished Reed Length: @ 69.5-70 mm.

Signature American long scrape.  Customized scrape. Moderately defined tip. Heart 40-.42 in thickness.  Moderate windows, defined heart/back with catch. Moderate spine. Full professional level tone and response.

Finishing Touches:  

Dozens of micro adjustments prior to certification and ship.

Tested on Howarth XL Oboe.

Reed prep instructions are included.

Light application of Vaseline to moisturize cork. Covid sanitized (repeat at home).

Reeds are guaranteed against cracks and leaks that impact play with a refund or replace remedy.