Handmade Intermediate Oboe Reeds

Magic Reed Handmade Intermediate Oboe Reeds are designed for aspiring students with at least 18 months experience; in middle school; or, others who can benefit from a very well nuanced reed, with great tone, pitch, balance and response.   These are no ordinary reeds, and are often described as having a  "near professional" structure. We choose medium strength professional grade cane, and use our skills in cane processing and scraping to make it's response perfect for intermediates. Finished on a Howarth XL Professional Oboe.

Intermediate Reed Demonstration By Andrew, a 21 year old oboe student.

Introduction To Oboe

"60 Minutes" Piece

The10 minute segment was aired a few years back, and it is a real gem.

Intro To Oboe Production

This is a great piece on oboe production by Tim Rundle.