Moon River Intermediate Oboe Reeds

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Superior Intermediate Oboe Reeds. Premium M-MH/Regular Density Oboe Cane (Vic). Warm Tone, Responsive.

Moon River Intermediate Oboe Reeds are handmade from scratch. Made with Vic Oboe Cane in a medium to medium hard strength and regular density. These reeds are designed to achieve intermediate level playability along with a beautiful tone, excellent projection and a good long life. Apertures (reed openings) are consistent with other intermediate models on this site. Designed for advanced intermediate players with at least 2-3 years experience (high school, conservatory and adult amateurs) with the embouchure and production system to handle a little extra resistance. 


Oboe Cane: Cane is drawn from premium Vic cane inventories. Cane strength is medium to medium hard with a regular higher density. Diameters are 10.5 and 11 with extra sort for moderate size apertures within the batch. Gouge: Kunibert gouge @.60/.45 (small adjustments for cane density and  seasonality). Shape: Mack++ or similar.

Staple: Professional Chiarugi staple 47mm 2+ 

Blank Tie Length: 72 - 72.5 mm.

Finished Reed Length: @ 69.5-70 mm.

Signature American long scrape.  Customized scrape. Moderately defined tip. Heart 41-.43 in thickness.  Moderate windows, defined heart/back with catch. Moderate spine. Professional level response. 

Finishing Touches:  

  • Dozens of micro adjustments prior to certification and ship. 
  • Tested on Howarth XL Oboe.
  • Reed prep instructions are included.
  • Light application of Vaseline to moisturize cork. Covid sanitized (repeat at home).
  • Reeds are guaranteed against cracks and leaks that impact play with a refund or replace remedy.  

Moon River is a metaphor of yearning for the unpredictable eddies of an adventurous life, to be swept along by the currents to somewhere new: “Wherever you're going, I'm going your way.”