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oboe reeds

Student Oboe Reed Collection

Best Oboe Reeds For Early Learners Who Can Benefit From A High Quality Reed With A Little Extra Restraint

All of my Student Oboe Reeds are handmade from scratch to sound best.  Attention to detail, expert hand finishing, and strict quality controls make them the very best on market. Oboe is a hard instrument to play, and there are extra hurdles for the beginner vs. most other choices. It is hard to sound good as a beginner, and most reeds on the market do nothing to help. My objective is to craft a reed that compensates for the novice embouchure that has limited ability to fulfill its role in regulating sound. I build in extra restraint so beginners don't sound so much like ducks. Beginners need great reeds just like more experienced players.  This helps them learn faster, enjoy making music and invest the energy needed to get to the next level. 

Student Reed Brands

Magic Reed is my premium student reed option.  They are 100% hand scraped and offer a round tone, extra nuance and plenty of longevity. They are recommended for early learners with at least 6 months experience who study with a private teacher. First Chair Student Oboe Reeds are also 100% hand scraped.  They are supple reeds with a slimline design and feature a more moderate aperture than with Magic Reed. They are appropriate for first blow beginners to 16 months experience (without the benefit of a private teacher). Reed Monkey Student Oboe Reeds are seasonal beginner reeds with a hybrid construction that promotes consistency, longevity and affordability.  They are available in the beginning of each school year.