Grasshopper Student Oboe Reeds

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Oboe Reeds That Help Early Learners Sound Better While Learning Their ABC's Of Music. 

Grasshopper Student Oboe Reeds are designed for young oboists with between 6 and 18 months experience without a working embouchure. They are handmade and best in this category. This is a more nuanced version of the beginner reed and has a somewhat larger aperture (reed opening) and extra structure. This gives them more longevity and better tone quality. Student compatible blanks are drawn from professional blank inventory (sorted for strength and expected response) and finished to order. Materials include professional 46 or 47 mm Chiarugi staples. If compatible blanks are not in stock to fill a student order, new ones using outsourced profiled cane may be used. As with all oboe reeds individual results vary. 

Finishing Touches:  

  • Dozens of micro adjustments prior to certification and ship. 
  • Tested on Howarth XL Oboe.
  • Reed prep instructions are included.
  • Light application of Vaseline to moisturize cork. Covid sanitized (repeat at home).
  • Reeds are guaranteed against cracks and leaks that impact play with a refund or replace remedy.