Origin English Horn Reeds

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Professional Quality. Concert Ready. 

Origin English Horn Reeds (formerly named Magic Reed) are beautifully crafted and  designed for a dark tone quality and extra projection to sound best. They are a well structured reed made with with Victoria EH cane (M-MH strength). Cane diameter generally produces a somewhat larger than average aperture. Balanced for stability, pitch, tone and response.  Crafted with an American long scrape with the same attention to detail as my oboe reeds. Recommended for EH professionals, doublers and adult amateurs. 


  • Cane: Victoria (variegated thread) medium-medium hard strength English horn cane in 12-12.5 diameter. This is part of my coveted private inventory.
  • Shape: Giacobassi shape. 27 mm
  • Staple: Chiarugi 27 mm brass staples.
  • Tie length: 59 mm and finished length is 55-56.  This is a little shorter than some of the competitors, but I need the flexibility to manage pitch.  
  • Scrape: American scrape with defined heart and tip. Multiple scrape and drying cycles. The tip is generally moderate in length and has a moderate to somewhat larger aperture.  The rest is up to what is required by the individual characteristics of the cane in pursuit of the four pillars described above. 

Finishing Touches:

  • Each English horn reed is finished to my own concert standards.  
  • Dozens of micro adjustments prior to certification. Tested on a Moennig Diamante English horn.
  • Individual results vary.
  • Reed prep instructions are included. 
  • Guaranteed for leaks and cracks that affect play. Otherwise, reeds are not returnable.
  • Covid sanitized.  Players are still advised to sanitize reeds on arrival.