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Intermediate Oboe Reed Collection

Best Oboe Reeds For Intermediates Who Are Ready For More Structure

Handmade Intermediate Oboe Reeds are designed for players with developing embouchures. They work great for those who can manage extra structure in their reed (vs student models) and can take advantage extra nuance to sound their best. Generally, when students sample these reeds and sound better, they are ready for the upgrade. I offer three models with distinct constructions. They are each hand crafted from scratch drawing from the right strength cane that is precision processed for optimum results. Magic Reed is our premium brand with extra beef, nuance and somewhat more structure than our other models. They are 100% hand scraped. They are recommended for players with private teachers with at least one year of experience. First Chair has a slimline design promoting a more free-blowing experience, mainly through aperture management. They are also 100% hand scraped. We have very happy customers with and without a private teacher relationships. Reed Monkey features a streamline design with a hybrid scrape. They are made with my own Head Start Profiled Oboe Reed and benefit from expert hand finishing that helps players sound great without breaking the bank.