Best Oboe Reeds To Buy Now- May 2024

  • by Kathy Sheinhouse

Oboe players of every level deserve reeds that are capable of full musical expression. Learn about some brands to help you play your best.  These are listed in my personal order of preference as we move into the spring season. Note that what is best in the dead of winter is different than what you may want during the summer.  Harder cane is great for winter and can be problematic during the summer depending on where you live.  So, I am beginning to reorder my reeds from my last post. Click on any brand to learn more.


Handmade from scratch. They are warm, free blowing reeds with slightly smaller apertures (reed openings) than Magic Reed. They are the reed of choice for players seeking a more supple reed to get them through strenuous concertos and orchestra pieces. After all, playing oboe takes a lot of effort in the best of circumstances. They are beautiful reeds that generally have a longer lifespan than others on the market at similar grades. Available in a intermediate, professional and elite grades.


Handmade from scratch. The Magic Reed brand is generally beefier than others on the market, but never too much to handle. They are designed for a dark and expressive tone, and because of the use of high quality M-MH cane, they usually have plenty of longevity. These reeds give you something to blow against- essential for the accomplished oboist. They require a stronger embouchure and somewhat more air pressure than other brands on the market at their grade. Available in intermediate, professional, elite and custom models.


Handmade from scratch, using medium strength cane with a scrape that makes them very accessible to a broad range of players. They have medium reed openings and offer a more supple playing experience than Magic Reed and First Chair. They have a warm, inviting, tonal capability. The intermediate option is highly recommended for players entering the intermediate grade level, and others seeking a reed with less resistance.  Available in intermediate, professional and elite grades.


Handmade from scratch using VIC premium cane in a true M-MH strength range and regular densities. They are generally robust reeds with moderate apertures. They are designed for highly skilled to expert players with the production skills to fully take advantage of their capabilities.  Available in intermediate, professional, and elite models.


These oboe reeds are great for newbies who are looking for reeds that will help them sound better while putting it all together.  They are lighter than the other reeds on this list and have more moderate apertures. The goal is to make them more accessible to those without a working embouchure or the wind speed (air pressure) that will be acquired with more experience. They are made with medium strength (not soft) cane, and are constructed with pitch in mind.  This, and other factors, make them unique in the industry. Available in beginner and student models.

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