Best Advanced To Expert Oboe Reed Brands

  • by Kathy Sheinhouse

Oboe players with advanced to expert skills deserve reeds that are capable of of full musical expression. Here are some options to help you play your best.


Handmade from scratch and 100% hand scraped. They are beefier than others on the market, but never too much to handle. Their warmth helps players sound their best. They are a premium priced brand, but well worth it- especially in light of their longevity. These reeds give you something to blow against- essential for oboe. They are concert quality for maximum musical expression. Available in professional, elite and custom models.


Handmade from scratch and 100% hand scraped. They are warm, free blowing reeds with moderate apertures (reed opening). They are the reed of choice for players seeking a more supple reed to get them through strenuous concertos and orchestra pieces. After all, playing oboe is strenuous in the best of circumstances. They are beautiful reeds with a nice long life span- but not as much as Magic Reeds, which have one of the longest lifespans on the market. Available in a professional model.


Handmade from scratch with light machine profiling in the middle third of the scrape.  They benefit from nuanced hand finishing to sound terrific. They have a consistent look and feel, and are an excellent, reliable reed at a great price. They are designed for advanced players who enjoy a dark tone and a more favorable price than other models.  Available in professional model.


Handmade from scratch using premium cane in a M-MH strength and with higher densities. They are paired with a staple that moderates aperture and increase the focus of the reed. This combination, along with a professional scrape adds tonal complexity to the reed.  They are designed for highly skilled to expert players with the production skills to fully take advantage of their capabilities.  Available in professional, elite and custom models.


Handmade from scratch using one of our harder oboe cane options.  These reeds are designed for a larger aperture in New York so that they work great in geographies with higher altitudes and dryer climates.  These conditions shrink the size of the aperture so it has to be addressed in the design.  Player who do not live in these locations but prefer larger apertures achieved through 10.25-10.5 diameter cane fine a winner in this brand,  Available in professional and elite professional models.

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