Premium Gouged Oboe Cane

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Magic Reed
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Processed In-House-Curated For Best Outcomes.  

My oboe tube cane is expertly sourced, curated and precision processed in-house for best gouged only outcomes. It is offered in  the 10-10.5 diameter range only (outside my personal preference but the same terrific cane I use for my personal and business requirements). All cane is gouged on a Kunibert gouger- .585-.60 based on hardness and at reed maker discretion.  Cane is flex tested for strength and inspected for hidden cracks and conformation before packaging.  Gouged cane is sold in bundles of 10. They are priced competitively relative to its quality and scarcity. 

Due to the nature of the product, oboe cane is not returnable. Shipping schedule may be effected by reeds in your order that could take more time.