Grasshopper Beginner Oboe Reeds

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Oboe Reeds That Help First Time Players Sound Better While Learning Their ABC's Of Music. Hand Finished By Master Reed Maker.

Grasshopper Beginner Oboe Reeds are designed for the beginner / student oboist from first blow to 9 months without a working embouchure. Beginners require a reed that will give them a good chance of success with this difficult instrument. These reeds are best in this category. This collection is made in collaboration with a friend in the industry, and construction includes plenty of room for my expert hand finishing. Balanced for extra response, tone and pitch. Reed openings are usually smaller than other reed models, making them easier to play.  Made with Medir oboe cane and "Easy Glide" staples. Grasshopper Beginner Oboe Reeds are not manufactured reeds, and as such, are offered at a highly competitive price. As with any oboe reeds, individual results may vary. 

Finishing Touches:  

  • Dozens of micro adjustments prior to certification and ship. 
  • Tested on Howarth XL Oboe.
  • Reed prep instructions are included.
  • Light application of Vaseline to moisturize cork. Covid sanitized (repeat at home).
  • Reeds are guaranteed against cracks and leaks that impact play with a refund or replace remedy. They are otherwise not returnable.