Used Oboes For Sale

Magic Reed seeks out oboes that are best in their categories, and can be offered at the optimum inte

Our goal at Magic Reed is to offer the oboe community best in category used instruments at prices that are typically below those found within our cottage industry.  We buy our oboes, and only purchase  those with an optimal intersection of quality, age, condition and price for best value.  

Well cared for oboes have a longer life than you would think, and are already depreciated, making them an excellent investment. All current oboes have been serviced by our expert repairperson, Heidi Wolfgang.  Trial period are available.   If you are interested in learning more about our featured oboes, please use our contact page to reach us by e-mail or telephone.  Used oboes are an off-menu item, and are not sold through our Shop page.

Used Fox Oboe

Fox 400 Grenadilla-Professional Model- Was $4200- Holiday Special- $4000

Used Fox 400 Oboe For Sale.  Excellent condition.  Great price.

Gorgeous Fox 400 grenadilla oboe (s/n 11612) has been lightly played and is in excellent condition with no history of cracks.  It has a beautiful tone and an even scale.  It was recently serviced, and passed our quality control review with flying colors.  Cavalier Case and Cover.  Best of all, you are buying from a trusted member of the cottage oboe industry. Please contact us for more information.