Used Oboes For Intermediate To Advanced Players

We Have Exciting New Used Oboe Inventory

LOREE FC, LEFT HAND F & C# C + 3- Wonderful oboe, big sound - $4500

CABART 74 OBOE- 1998-This oboe is in fantastic shape and plays very close to some of Loree's oboes from the late 70s.- $3600

FOX RENARD 330-This oboe was played with pride by a professional oboist for three years, until she retired from oboe.  It sounds great, and is in excellent condition. $3800

KREUL/MIRAPHONE/GORDET OBOES-Priced from $3,000-3,800- on the way

If you are interested, give us a call and we can contact you after their healthy oboe check-up.

  • Magic Reed is now offering a limited number of "best in class" used oboes as a service to our customers.   We buy our oboes with an eye for intermediate to advanced students, as well as adult amateurs who want a great playing experience without breaking the bank. 

  • Investing in an oboe is never easy.  There are lots of brands; there are new and used oboes; and frankly, there is often a great deal of variability within specific models due to condition, wood, and manufacturing.  Assessing the Oboists who are not conservatory bound, or need a transitional oboe while they develop, need access to experts in the oboe industry when searching for a great oboe for their needs. This can be hard to find, and it is why we decided to enter the market.  New $8000 oboes are not the right solution for every oboe player, especially when their aspirations do not include Carnagie Hall.  We wanted to meet the needs of these players, because they deserve the expertise of a professional oboist when buying an oboe.  If we do not have what you want, we will get it for you or direct you to the right person to find it.

  • We keep our inventory small and very targeted so that the intersection of oboe age, quality, condition, point of view , and price present an extraordinary value to our customers.  We buy, rather than consign oboes, and only invest in oboes we would be happy to keep or offer to our students.  Every one is serviced by an expert repair person and performance tested by us before it is listed on our site. Since we do not sell new oboes, we are not forced to take trade-ins that don't meet our standards.  Best of all, if your needs change, you will find that these oboes will hold better value than most when sold.   

  • These oboes are sold off-menu, and cannot be purchased directly on the website.  Please contact us for more information and to set up your appointment or trial.

Used Oboes For Intermediate To Advanced Players