Used Oboe Gouger & Professional Reed Making Set-Up

Almost Everything That Is Needed For a Real Professional Experience

Dollar for dollar, quality used equipment that has been well cared for beats out new equipment of lesser quality almost every time.  

We are offering the aspiring oboe reed maker a great set-up of machines and tools in good to excellent condition, plus a supply of new materials.  This package is offered at a fraction of the price of a new set-up, and is simply not available anywhere else on the market.

Here is what the set includes:


Rimple Oboe Cane Gouger (used-2015),   This is an excellent German maker that can be described as a work horse with a very resilient blade.  It is the newer of my two Rimpl gougers and generally used as a back-up. It has an 11 mm bed with a dial to adjust the gouge.  ($1300 new). 

Cane Splitter ($85 new)

Rubber hammer for alternative cane splitting (new $10)

Covey radius brass gage with mm reed ruler (new $50)

Used RDG -1 shaper tip (new $125)


Used Westwind knife- good condition/works great! ($90 new)

Used Westwind knife sharpening system ($90 new)

Used Extra fine diamond sharpening stone-good condition  (new $42)

Pisoni Mandrel (new $35)

New cutting block ($20)

2 new plaques ($5)

1 used easel (new $25)


10 new regular 47 mm staples- ($30)

30 pre-gouged oboe cane in the hardness and diameter of your choice ($90)

2 new pools of string ($12)

1 block of wax ($3.00)


New reed case for 6 reeds ($25)

Storage case for reed tools ($10)

Used reed drying rack (new $20)

Total value if new:  $2067

Market value for this set-up: $1420

Offered at $1,000

Contact us if you would like to purchase either set-up separately.

What You Will Need To Add:

1) Pre-gouger

2) Shaper Handle

3) Plyers