$6400- New Lower Price

Howarth XL Grenadilla Oboe, 2013, serial number 7352. This top of the line oboe has been moderately played, well cared for, and is in excelleninstrument with a warm, dark tone; wonderful response; and an even scale.  This is one of my favorites of all time, but I no longer need three oboes, and this is the older of my two Howarths. A small hairline crack across post in top joint  was expertly repaired by Nora Post, without need for pin, and is undetectable.  A picture of this section of the upper joint was included in gallery.  

Oboe includes: Howarth case and cover (excellent condition), leather reed case, screw driver and new silk swab, and a generous supply of oboe reeds or cane in the form of your choice.  3 day trials are available.  Please contact Kathy directly for more information and a link to a demo of the instrument that was made.

Note:  I recently visited Heidi Chisholm, a noted oboe repair person in NY, for a well-oboe check-up.  The oboe was in great shape.  She loves this instrument as much as I do, and even suggested that I include her recommendation in my listing.  Thank you Heidi.

These oboes sell for $9900 new, and our price is highly competitive in the market  based on our market survey.