Handmade Student and Intermediate Oboe Reeds

Handmade Intermediate Oboe Reed

Magic Reed Handmade Intermediate Oboe Reeds are for aspiring students with at least 18 months experience; in middle school; or, others who can benefit from a very well  nuanced reed on medium to medium soft cane.   This is no ordinary reed.  It is the perfect bridge reed for  oboists in middle school and beyond, who are working hard to develop the skills to have an active musical life. These reeds have a warm, focused sound, excellent response, good pitch and are beefier than other intermediate reeds on the market.  They are a major step up from the student reeds due to the extent of the balance between all of the key attributes.  A good number of first time customers have told us that they get feedback that they sound better than ever before,  and get promoted to first chair in their school band or orchestra.  Finished on a Howarth XL Professional Oboe.

Student Handmade Oboe Reed

Reed Monkey Handmade Student Oboe Reeds​ are responsive and have the nuance and stability that are more typical of intermediate reeds on the market. They are always made Magic Reed's expert reed maker, Kathy, with the same great American scrape that she uses for her high end reeds.  They are designed for student and recreational oboists (through high school) who want a great reed to help them sound their best, but want an easier ride.  After all, the oboe is a very strenuous instrument.  These are not beginner reeds, and we recommend that players have either 12 months experience, or access to a teacher who can lighten them if needed.

How Many Should I Buy?

First time buyers are encouraged to buy at least two reeds. They will each have their own personalities and it is a better sample of what we do.  Thereafter, you should plan to need three reeds a month, depending on your practice schedule.  Our reeds last longer than most on the market, so you can expect to reorder less frequently than you do now.

Student Reed Demonstration

Reed Demonstrations

Andrew is 20 years old college oboe student demonstrating each of our oboe reeds.  We wanted to have the reeds demonstrated by someone other than the reed maker, who would naturally make the reeds to her own taste.

Intermediate Handmade Oboe Reed

Student Handmade Oboe Reed

Intro To Oboe Video By Tim Rundle

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