rDG Oboe Gouger For Sale

Used RDG Oboe Gouger For Sale

Used RDG Oboe Gouger-$900

RDG Oboe Gougers are the premier cane processing machine in the country.  They produce consistent gouges, are easy to maintain, and durable.  Further, replacement parts are available on demand from RDG.  This machine is in very good condition, with moderate plus use.  I have had it a year, and bought it used in mint condition.  It is one of four gougers I own, and I am selling it because I have too many for my needs.  The blade was recently sharpened, and the gouge is set to .59 on a 11 mm slip.  Some adjustments to the set-up may be necessary depending on individual preferences.  These gougers are over $1800 new, and are backordered.  I am adding a cane splitter to the set-up and a starter supply of pre-gouged cane as my gift to the buyer.  Please contact me for further information.  Shipping will be through UPS or Fedex.