Student & Professional Oboe Reeds- Overview

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Excellent oboe reeds have a common core of stability, response, tone and scale.  The foundation of all of our reeds is great cane; precision processing, including a Brannen shape; professionally mounted blanks for a tight seal; and expert American scrape finishing.  Tip definition and overall length are nearly identical across models.  The size of the heart, the definition of the spine, and the nuanced finishing around them, are designed to match the strength and grade of the desired reed.   All reeds sold through this site are made to order in real time, and finished to spec without compromise.

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Handmade Professional Oboe Reeds

Professional Handmade Oboe Reed

Our handmade professional oboe reed is designed for advanced oboists to touring professionals with well developed embouchures and support systems  They are the most nuanced, expressive, well-balanced, and  beefy reeds in our product line. They respond beautifully to wind speed and vibrato, and have an excellent dynamic range. We never overscrape to avoid a break-in period on your end.  This gives them a nice, long life, plus they are less likely to break down in concert (when you depend on them the most).   Made with medium to medium hard cane on a Brannen shape, defined tip, full bodied heart, and an American long scrape.  Finished in 2-3 drying cycles on your choice of oboes.

Handmade Pre-Professional Oboe Reeds

Advanced/Pre-Professional Handmade Oboe Reed

This professional reed option  is designed for conservatory bound students and adult amateurs seeking a professional experience at a somewhat lower price.   It is made with the same scrape as our professional model, but has fewer options.  This reed responds beautifully to wind speed and vibrato.  As with our professional model, it has a excellent dynamic range.  In a side by side comparison with our Pro model, one might find this reed just a little bit brighter.  Finished in 2-3 drying cycles on a Loree oboe.

Custom Oboe Reeds

Custom Oboe Reeds

Designed For Highly Experienced To Expert Players With Specific Design Preferences/Requirements

Players who enjoy our reeds, but want more control over the materials (cane shape, gouge, diameter and staple) find this a great choice. They are made with the same care and personalization as the professional model, and enjoy the same extra finishing cycle.  The Shop page will list all options.  We welcome consultations in constructing your custom reed.