Handmade Professional Oboe Reeds

  • Magic Reed is nationally recognized for producing one of the best handmade professional oboe reeds on the market.  They are enjoyed by touring professionals, teachers, pre-professionals, and accomplished amateurs, who trust us for their most important events. Our reeds have been described as highly nuanced, expressive, well balanced, and somewhat beefier than other high end reeds on the market.  They are also structured for a longer life, and are less likely to break down under stress (when you depend on them the most). 
  • There is nothing cookie cutter about our reeds.  We draw cane from our inventory with qualities we believe will create the best finished reed on your choice of a Loree or Howarth oboe.  We combine our well developed concept of sound with expert reed making skills to achieve a result that we would want for our own concert reed.
  • We achieve this with an American scrape, extra wood in the heart, a blended tip and a front to back process that optimizes results.  Finished on a Howarth XL Oboe.
  • Offered in two models in Medium Soft, Medium, Medium to Medium Hard and Medium Hard to Hard Strengths
    • Handmade Professional Oboe Reed- The best of the best in every way.   Made the way we like it, with an option for a custom alternative for those with somewhat different preferences.
    • Handmade Pre-Professional Oboe Reed-  Nearly identical  to our professional model with certain  differences in tone and response that would generally not be detectable unless played side-by-side.  This product was added to our menu as an accommodation to advanced and pre-professional oboists seeking a lower price point.

Demo's were done by a local oboe student with professional ambitions.