Handmade Professional Oboe Reeds

Handmade Professional Oboe Reed

  •  Professional Oboe Reeds Overview
    • Magic Reed is nationally recognized for producing one of the best handmade professional oboe reeds on the market.  They are enjoyed by touring professionals, teachers, pre-professionals, and accomplished amateurs, who trust us for their most important events. 
    • Our reeds are highly nuanced, expressive, well balanced, and somewhat beefier than other high end reeds on the market.  This beef gives them a longer life.  They are less likely to break down under stress (when you depend on them the most). 

  • Our Protocol: 
    • Cane hand selected from our best  inventory, and custom processed for the just right result we want based on customer preferences.
    • Blank- 72.5 mm; finished reed 69-70 mm; choice of staple
    • American long scrape
    • Defined tip (but not a cliff) 
    • Extra wood in the heart
    • Finished on  your choice of a Loree, Howarth or Laubin oboe (pro and custom models).
    • More choices-including strength, shape, pitch and tone, and staple, depending on model

  • Your Choices:
    • Handmade Professional Oboe Reeds- The best of the best in every way with staple and strength options.  This model assumes a well developed embouchure, and the desire for a reed with resistance preferred by professionals.  Concert ready for the most discerning professionals.
    • Handmade Pre-Professional Oboe Reeds-  Nearly identical  to our professional model with certain  differences in tone and response that would generally not be detectable unless played side-by-side.  This product was added to our menu as an accommodation to advanced and pre-professional students seeking a lower price point.
    • Custom  Oboe Reeds- Made for players who enjoy our quality and point of view, but need certain accommodations in shape and other factors based on their set-up. 
      • They are built from scratch on Chiarugi #2 premium staples (47mm or 46mm) and offered in bundles of 5 or more.
      • Additional Custom choices include gouge, shape, pitch and aperture size.
      • Leave the rest to us.