Handmade Professional Oboe Reeds- $26-35

Professional Oboe Reeds, Handmade Professional Oboe Reeds


Our handmade professional oboe reeds are preferred by advanced oboists to touring professionals who enjoy a robust reed that is capable of transforming their well developed embouchures, wind speed, support, and technique into a great performance. They are also highly expressive, well-balanced, and responsive. They are offered in standard professional, elite professional and custom models, with plenty of options to ensure your best experience.   

Professional Oboe Reed Choices

Professional Oboe Reeds-$28

Our  Handmade Professional Oboe Reed is a great option for players who enjoy an excellent, highly playable reed in a medium strength and with a moderate aperture.  We draw from our best 10.5-11 diameter medium strength elite oboe cane that is working best for us at the climate in the northeast at any time of year.  The cane is paired with a Liang shape and Magic Reed signature scrape to create a responsive reed with a medium dark tone.  We now offer a robust option for those who prefer it.  They are generally mounted on Chiarugi #2 47 mm staples, unless another staple works better for that batch of cane.  They are finished with at least 2 drying cycles, and tested on a Loree 125.

Elite Professional Oboe Reeds-$30

Our Handmade Elite Professional Oboe Reed is designed for highly skilled professional oboists who seek a finished reed with more strength, response and tonal options.  We match our core materials to order.  We choose the best cane in the 10.5-11 diameter range, the right 47 mm staple size to help manage aperture, employ our favorite shape that matches cane temperament at that point in time.   They are finished to the highest professional standards with at least 2 finishing cycles.  Players seeking more specific preferences should consider our custom option.  Tested on a Loree 125.

Custom Oboe Reeds- $35 (3 for $105)

Our Handmade Custom Oboe Reeds are designed for players who prefer a darker, more robust reed than is offered in the standard and elite grades.  They require special handling by us, and we overfill these orders and ship only the best of the batch.  They respond beautifully to expert wind speed and vibrato, and have an excellent dynamic range.  All are made from scratch using the just right combination of cane, staple and scrape to achieve the results you seek. Tested on your choice of Loree 125, Howarth XL or Laubin.

Professional Oboe Reed Reviews

Oboe Reed Reviews

From Professionals

​Virginia Brewer-  "I have been using Kathy's reeds in concert for years, and enjoy their warmth, response and stability.  She is my go-to reed maker for my important events".

From Adult Amateurs

Marion Matravers- "...Yours are clearly the best. I probably told you this with the order, but I had not played since jr. high thru college yrs. - and am now (mostly) retired. Thus, no embouchure = soft reeds. Found a local teacher; we  studied the reeds I have and she pointed out what structural factors make yours better..."

Max S- "Great reed.  First time user.  Everything I need and more.  It is a whole new experience to play a handmade pro reed.  Now I know what I have been missing."

Robert M- Pro reed has consistently exceeded my expectations.  It is rich, warm and responsive.  I have never found another reed on the market that is this good.  It is a truly professional reed worthy of a professional player."

More reed reviews can be found within product sections of shop page.

Professional Oboe Reeds

Loree Royal 125 For Sale


Beautiful oboe in excellent condition.  Best of the Royal Models, and with gold trim.  $7800 includes three month reed subscription.  Call for details.