Handmade Professional Oboe Reeds- $26-30

Our handmade professional oboe reeds are designed for advanced oboists to touring professionals with well developed embouchures and support.  They are offered in Elite Professional, Professional and Conservatory models, with the main differences being the number of strength and materials options.  They are highly, expressive, well-balanced, and responsive.  We build these reeds with more heart than most professional reed makers, because it provides more room for nuanced finishing and an extraordinary result.    Our reeds respond beautifully to wind speed and vibrato, and have an excellent dynamic range.  Made with Magic Reed Elite Oboe Cane on a medium shape of our choice, choice of staple, defined tip, full bodied heart, and an American long scrape. Finished in 2-3 drying cycles on a Loree Oboe.

Custom Oboe Reeds- $32

Custom Oboe Reeds

Designed For Highly Experienced To Expert Players With Cane Shape Preferences

This model is offered for players who enjoy our reeds, but want more control over tone and pitch that can be achieved through cane shape.  We make these reeds from scratch and ask for a modest surcharge for shaper set-up.   Our Shop provides all the options needed to communicate preferences with us, though we welcome consultations with those who need more information.  The options available include cane strength; scrape, shape, diameter and staple.    They are made with the same care and personalization as the professional model, including a full-bodied heart, and enjoy the same extra finishing cycle.  Finished on your choice of Loree or Laubin oboe.  Product ships in 5-8 days.