Handmade Professional Oboe Reeds- $26-35



Our handmade professional oboe reeds are designed for advanced oboists to touring professionals with well developed embouchures and support.  They are offered in Professional, Elite Professional and Custom models, with the main differences being the number of strength and materials options (see descriptions below).  They are highly, expressive, well-balanced, and responsive.  We build these reeds with more heart than is typical for most professional reed makers. While this is a more time intensive process, it provides more room for nuanced finishing and an extraordinary result we like.  Our reeds respond beautifully to wind speed and vibrato, and have an excellent dynamic range.  

Professional Oboe Reed Choices

Professional Oboe Reeds-$28

Cane:  Our choice of medium strength elite oboe cane 

Staples: Aspen 47 mm staple 

Gouge- RDG Gouger, .60/.45

Shape:  Mac++

Diameter:  10.5-11

Scrape: American long scrape, defined tip, full bodied heart with professional finish and ratios between parts resulting in a fully expressive reed

Finishing- 2-3 drying cycles and tested on a Loree oboe.

Customer Loyalty Program:  Regular customers enjoy periodic upgrades in staples or other customizations

Elite Professional Oboe Reeds-$30

Additional Features and Options:

Cane:  Your choice of oboe cane: Loree (M), Magic Reed (M-MH/Higher Density) and Alliaud (MH-H/Regular Density)

Staple:  Your choice of Chiarugi #2 47 mm or Chiarugi #2 46 mm

Scrape: Custom scrapes that factor in cane strength

Custom Oboe Reeds- $35

Additional Features & Options:

Cane:  Your choice of cane, including some from our personal inventory - Loree, Innoledy Var, Magic Reed, Vic, Molonier or Alliaud.  Full descriptions on Shop page.

Diameters:  Your  choice of 10-10.5; 10.5-11 and 11-11.5 diameters

Staples:  Chiarugi #2 47 or Chiarugi #2 46

Shapes: Your choice of Brannen, Samson +, Mac ++ or Liang

Professional Oboe Reed Reviews


From Professionals

​Virginia Brewer-  "I have been using Kathy's reeds in concert for years, and enjoy their warmth, response and stability.  She is my go-to reed maker for my important events".

From Adult Amateurs

Marion Matravers- "...Yours are clearly the best. I probably told you this with the order, but I had not played since jr. high thru college yrs. - and am now (mostly) retired. Thus, no embouchure = soft reeds. Found a local teacher; we  studied the reeds I have and she pointed out what structural factors make yours better..."

Max S- "Great reed.  First time user.  Everything I need and more.  It is a whole new experience to play a handmade pro reed.  Now I know what I have been missing."

Robert M- Pro reed has consistently exceeded my expectations.  It is rich, warm and responsive.  I have never found another reed on the market that is this good.  It is a truly professional reed worthy of a professional player."

More reed reviews can be found within product sections of shop page.