Handmade Professional Oboe Reeds- $28

Our handmade professional oboe reeds are designed for advanced oboists to touring professionals with well developed embouchures and support.  They are the most, expressive, well-balanced, and responsive in our line.  This is only possible because we craft a reed with the right intersection of cane strength extra wood in the heart gives us more room for a professionally nuanced scrape. Softer cane without a robust heart precludes this nuance and the reed does not have the professional potential we like and our customers count on from us.  We don't take over-scraping shortcuts just to save time and reduce break-in periods, because they often lead to inadequate and short lived reeds. Our reeds respond beautifully to wind speed and vibrato, and have an excellent dynamic range.  Made with Magic Reed Elite medium to medium hard cane on a medium shape of our choice, defined tip, full bodied heart, and an American long scrape. Finished in 2-3 drying cycles on a Loree Oboe.

Custom Oboe Reeds- $32

Custom Oboe Reeds

Designed For Highly Experienced To Expert Players With Specific Materials And Design Preferences

This model is offered for players who enjoy our reeds, but want more control over the materials.  We offer the most customizations in the market, and customers appreciate the fact that our Shop allows them to communicate their preferences right on their order form.  The options available include cane strength; scrape, shape, diameter and staple.  This is the only option with a 46mm staple.  They are made with the same care and personalization as the professional model, including a full-bodied heart, and enjoy the same extra finishing cycle. We construct the reed to optimize responsiveness relative to the cane strength option selected. We priced this option within reach of our regular professional model, with a small surcharge for shaper set-up.  Finished on your choice of Loree or Laubin oboe.All options are listed in the Shop.