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  • In 2017, Magic Reed purchased  a significant inventory of extraordinary professional oboe cane, harvested in the south of France.  We worked hard to find it, and purchased enough to make "best in class" oboe reeds for years to come.  We shared a portion of it with the elite oboe community, and earned rave reviews.  A portion of this cane is still available for sale in tube and gouged and shaped form.
  • The cane cane be described as  medium to hard in strength (we have it sorted),  and  generally dense; thick walled; tight fibered;  darker in color with some marbling; resilient; easy to work with; and, simply "loves to be scraped". 

  • We carry oboe cane in three diameters and four strengths. Our tube cane is offered on a limited basis as a courtesy to the professional community.  We start working with cane  within two days of arrival from the grower.  We assess the product by hardness, density, diameter and quality.  We process 1/4 pound to determine yield and make several reeds to test its performance.  By this time, we have an idea of where it fits in our mix of cane, when we will use it (seasonal), and whether it qualifies for a bigger investment and an immediate re-order.  We repeat as warranted, and are prepared to make rather large investments.  After all, cane gets even better with moderate aging.  

How We Process Cane At Magic Reed

Processing professional oboe cane to gouged and shaped form is  both an art and a science.  It requires the best tools, the best technique, specialized knowledge, good judgement and the right process.  Learn more.

Free Oboe Reed Analysis With Purchase Of Three Cane Bundles

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