Loree Oboe- AK + 3 Model (c 2000)

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F. Loree
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Loree Oboe- AK model (s/n NRxx).  Beautiful oboe.  Fully serviced.  Very lightly played. New case cover. $5000.


Lorée instruments are each marked with a serial number that is a combination of two letters and two numbers. Instruments with serial numbers containing letters AK were manufactured beginning in 1939 and instruments of this vintage were and still are considered exceptional instruments. To recapture this “golden age” of oboe making, the F. Lorée Company researched the bore proportions of the AK instruments and beginning in the early 1980s made their oboes available with bore measurements of the original AK instruments. The AK+3 is a full conservatory system oboe which includes low B♭, left F, third octave key, B♭ vent, forked-F resonance, split ring D#-E trill, G#-A trill, articulated B-C# mechanism, Gillet (banana) key, and B♭-B trill. Original deluxe French case and new fitted case cover, three reed case.