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Oboe Cane- Gouged and Shaped (10-10.5)

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Magic Reed
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Professional Gouged and Shaped Oboe Cane for those seeking a somewhat larger aperture. Precision processing, extra sorts and extra shaping options make this product world class. Expert reed makers who enjoy working with true medium to harder cane will find every one a winner.  Cane is gouged dry with an extra swipe after being soaked for mounting to find .60/.45. Harder cane may be a tad thinner.  Cane is flex tested for strength and hidden cracks, and inspected for conformation. Shaped on a Reeds n Stuff Shaping Machine for better consistency and outcomes. My standard shape is medium, and there are a host of custom shapes available too. Sold in bundles of 10.  These slips have subtle ears, so I get my best results so I trim the sides of the tip.  This strategy also helps manage pitch.  Oboe cane is not returnable.


Product Descriptions In Brief:  Magic Reed Select- Medium strength. Medium+ Wall Thickness. Supple Outcomes. Marion- Premium- Medium-medium hard strength. Dense, Thick Walled, Buttery, Capable of Dark, Expressive and Robust Outcomes. AlliaudPremium-Medium Hard. Extra Dense, Extra Thick Walls. Buttery, Capable of Dark, Expressive Reeds With Extra Focus. RoucheGreat all season cane. Medium to medium hard. Regular walls and density. Easy to work with. Highly reliable outcomes. Vic- Great medium hard to hard cane that I love.  This cane is outside my size preference and I have less than a pound left.  Innoledy Var- This is the last batch of some excellent medium hard cane from 2015.  


Consult Oboe Cane Buying Guide for full product descriptions