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Moon River Student Oboe Reeds

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Moon River
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  • Moon River Student Oboe Reeds are handmade from scratch and 100% hand scraped to sound best. They are custom designed for players from West Texas and other drier southwestern climates. 
  • They are constructed with 10.5 diameter cane from my world class inventory that I have been building since 2017.  Cane is mounted on a unbranded Chiarugi 47 mm 2 staple. This combination increases aperture size which offsets the anticipated shrinkage that comes from dry climates.
  • American long scrape.
  • Every reed gets dozens of micro adjustments and quality tests prior to certification and shipment.

Experience Level:

  • Recommended for Southwest players with at least 6 months of experience, with or without a teacher. 

Finishing Touches:

  • No two reeds are ever exactly the same, and in multiple reed orders one will always be best.  

  • Tested in two rooms with and without carpet on a Loree 125 oboe.  When I test reeds, I try to replicate the embouchure of the player I expect to purchase it, not my own.  If it is not a fit, I start over.

  • Reed prep instructions are included.

  • Light application of Vaseline to moisturize cork. 

  • Covid sanitized. 

  • Reeds are guaranteed against cracks and leaks or other defects with a refund or replace remedy.  They are otherwise not returnable.

Moon River is a metaphor of yearning for the unpredictable eddies of an adventurous life, to be swept along by the currents to somewhere new: “Wherever you're going, I'm going your way.”