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Magic Reed Brand Oboe Cane

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Magic Reed Brand Oboe Cane was purchased in 2019 to supply my reed business with beautiful medium strength cane capable of a supple, free-blowing response.  This cane has thicker walls than my Rouche cane in a similar medium strength.  My initial processing with professional editing yielded beautiful cut-to-length slips in a true medium strength. The cane was grown in a climate very similar to the Var region, so it has all the right attributes for cane this strength. It is easy to work with, vibrates well, and accepts a nuanced scrape. My experience is that it is capable of performance quality results. Gouged on a Kunibert Michel Gouging Machine with a .60-.61 thickness target.  Available in  10.0-10.5 diameters. 5 shape options. Sold in bundles of 10. 

As is standard in the industry, cane is not returnable.