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Magic Reed Elite Professional Oboe Reeds

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Magic Reed
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  • Magic Reed Elite Professional Oboe Reeds are handmade from scratch and 100% hand scraped.  They are designed to achieve a more robust, meaty response, combined with a dark, rich tone.  They have a personality all their own, and are enjoyed by some of the country's leading artists. Advanced to expert production skills are recommended.


  • Made exclusively with coveted 2017 Marion Oboe Cane inventory in a true medium to medium hard in strength, higher density, thicker walled and has a buttery texture.  The remainder of my inventory is reserved for my reed making platform. 
  • 10.5-11 cane diameter (except for large aperture model which is 10.5).
  • Precision processed in-house for best results. 60/45 gouge. Mack ++ shape. 
  • Paired with Chiarugi 47 mm #2 staple (#2+ for Slimline models).
  • Finished with my signature American long scrape.
  • Every reed receives dozens of micro adjustments and quality tests prior to shipment.
  • Made through a nuanced process that supports the optimum function of the four pillars of the oboe reed: stability, pitch, tone and response. 
  • Extra finishing cycles and quality sorts vs. professional model.
  • Consult Magic Reed Collection Page For Full Construction Description


Original: Full-bodied oboe reed designed for a more robust, meaty response with extra expression. Well defined with visible distinctions between the parts, especially under light. Players report a nice lifespan with these reeds. Includes options for a larger aperture or 46 mm staples.

Slimline: Free-blowing, somewhat smaller aperture size than is featured in our Original model. Reeds are highly playable, but never over-scraped.  Includes an option for 46 mm staples.

Finishing Touches:

  • Each oboe reed is finished to concert standards.  Only reeds that meet or exceed these standards will be shipped.
  • Tested in two rooms with and without carpet on a Loree 125 oboe. Reed prep instructions are included.  I need to like every reed I sell.  If I don't, it gets smashed and I reuse the staple. When I test these reeds, I try to replicate the embouchure of the player I expect to purchase it, not my own.
  • Light application of Vaseline to moisturize cork in the event that player does not have some handy.
  • Covid sanitized.