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English Horn Reeds

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  • Magic Reed English Horn Reeds are beautifully crafted and concert ready.  They are generally a little heartier than others on the market, and have a nice long life.  They have a beautiful dark color.  They are made through a nuanced process that supports the optimum function of the four pillars of the reed: stability, pitch, tone and response.  They are made with an American long scrape with the same attention to detail as my oboe reeds.

Experience Level:

  • They are the best English horn reeds for EH professionals, doublers, adult amateurs and students assigned occasional English horn parts.


  • Handmade from from Frejus Oboe Cane Diameter is in the 12-12.5 range.  We use a Giacobacci shape. Gouging was outsourced to a friend, and he did a great job!
  • Cane is mounted on a choice of 27 mm Chiarugi or Guercio staples with a brass construction.
  • Tie length is 59 mm and finished length is 55-56.  It is a little shorter than some of the competitors, but I need the flexibility to manage pitch.  
  • Multiple scrape and drying cycles, starting with 1) exposing the bark 2) installing a moderate hand profile in preparation for a finish 3) up to 2 hand finishing cycles if needed. This helps improve post ship reliability, and is always recommended when working with harder cane. 
  • Reeds are finished with a defined heart and tip.  The tip is moderate in length.  The rest is up to what is required by the individual characteristics of the cane in pursuit of the four pillars described above. 

Finishing Touches:

  • Each English horn reed is finished to concert standards.  Only reeds that meet or exceed these standards will be shipped.
  • No two reeds are ever exactly the same.  No two customers are either. While I do not accept returns for reeds that might not be an exact fit to your own personal playing style, you can use the comment section on our checkout page to offer suggestions that will help me to make better match in subsequent orders.
  • Tested in two rooms with and without carpet on a Moennig 180D English horn.
  • Reed prep instructions are included. 
  • Covid sanitized.  Players are still advised to sanitize reeds on arrival.
  • Reeds are guaranteed against cracks and leaks or other defects with a refund or replace remedy.