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Avignon Intermediate Oboe Reeds

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Avignon Intermediate Oboe Reeds are handmade from scratch and 100% hand scraped. They are dark, expressive reeds that feature the most focused tone in my product line. They have great projection and sound great in concert.  


  • Made with Avignon oboe cane in a true medium to medium hard strength cane with higher density and thicker walls. 
  • Signature American long scrape.
  • Receives dozens of micro adjustments and quality tests prior to shipment.
  • They are made through a nuanced process that supports the optimum function of the four pillars of the oboe reed: stability, pitch, tone and response. 
  • Consult the Avignon Collection Page For Full Construction Details

Experience Level:

  • Intermediate players with 18-24 months experience, and at least 1 year  of private study.  This is a more robust reed than the Reed Monkey and First Chair alternatives.

Finishing Touches:

  • Tested in two rooms with and without carpet on a Loree 125 oboe. 
  • When I test reeds, I try to replicate the embouchure of the player I expect to purchase it, not my own.  If it is not a fit, I start over. 
  • Inspected for defects that impact play and certified at or above grade level prior to shipping.
  • No two reeds are ever exactly the same, and in multiple reed orders players will notice subtle differences in quality. This is to be expected.
  • Reed prep instructions are included.
  • Light application of Vaseline to moisturize cork. 
  • Covid sanitized. 

Note:  Reed maker reserves right to use alternate cane in pursuit of goals when necessary.