Handmade Professional Oboe Reeds

Handmade Professional Oboe Reeds

Magic Reed Handmade Professional Oboe Reeds are designed  for highly accomplished professionals, conservatory or college students, as well as adult amateurs. These are the best of the best in oboe reeds with a bold spirit and a great balance of warmth, nuance, response, focus, and stability.  We hand select the cane we use from a special stock, consider season and geography in choose cane hardness and diameter,  hand select resulting  blanks based on their potential, add extra scraping and drying cycles, and finish to order with no surcharge for customizations (except staple upgrade). Just e-mail us using our contact page to inform us of your preferences.  Offered in a medium to medium hard strength unless notified of a different preference. Finished on a Howarth XL Professional Oboe.

Pre-Professional Handmade Oboe Reeds

Magic Reed Handmade Pre-Professional Oboe Reeds exceed the quality of most professional reeds on the market. They are made to order, and are perfect for well trained oboists in senior high school, college, conservatory and beyond.  These reed are medium strength with much of the balance of warmth, response, focus, pitch and stability of our professional reeds (with a little cost savings).  Players with a well developed embouchure and wind speed will enjoy this somewhat more structured reed.   We use some of our best cane, and consider season and geography in choose cane hardness and diameter.  We plan for extra drying cycles to stabilize the reed and identify any factors (eg. shrinkage)  that would disqualify it from this grade.  Staple upgrade option is available.  Finished on a Howarth XL Professional Oboe

Reed Demonstrations By Local Oboe Student

Andrew is 20 years old college oboe student demonstrating each of our oboe reeds.  We wanted to have the reeds demonstrated by someone other than the reed maker, who would naturally make the reeds to her own taste.

Professional Oboe Reed Demo

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Conservatory Oboe Reed Demo