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Philosophy Of Oboe Reed Making

Professional Oboe Reed Making Is About Relationships

Buying Oboe Reeds from Magic Reed means that you will have your own personal reed maker and oboe reed manager. Our relationships with our customers coupled with our ability to make reeds that reflect their personal preference, has always been one of the most important factors in the customer loyalty we have.

Oboe Reeds With Purpose

We have worked hard to establish a product line that embraces the needs of a broad range of professional, highly skilled, student and adult amateur players. Every reed in made from scratch in our shop. Our materials, construction and scrape are chosen with purpose, and always with the particular player or general experience levels in mind. I have the freedom to make adjustments to staples; cane strength, density and size; and scrape to overcome the inherent challenges of finishing the best possible oboe reed.

A Defined Oboe Reed Is A Good Oboe Reed

Oboe reed definition is about thicknesses within and between the tip, heart and back of the reed. Magic Reeds are made with harder cane that permit more definition, and are beefy and robust. We are introducing more streamlined professional alternatives with universal appeal. Our student models use somewhat softer cane, and are designed for optimum response, pitch and stability for the developing player.

Incremental Reed Making Delivers Best Results

Extra scraping and drying cycles lead to better results, and more post ship reliability. When cane goes through a number of wet/dry cycles, the cane expands and contracts. This helps it find its set-point range more quickly so it can be properly assessed prior to shipment. My incremental reed making protocol starts with an inventory pipeline of processed cane and blanks with just enough scraping to expose the bark, and clip if indicated. I plan for up to two or three more scraping cycles based on the model that is ordered. Having planned for your order in advance, I can take all the time needed for professional hand finishing.

Hard to Make Oboe Reeds That Are Easy To Play

We use somewhat harder cane for our professional models, even though it has a higher fail rate, takes more time, and is more difficult to make. This is unique in the industry. We choose this strategy because harder cane permits a more nuanced result than can generally be achieved with softer cane. The challenge is balancing cane strength, structure and scrape in a way that ensures proper response, and a reed that is highly playable. Our high end customers enjoy our results.

Oboe Reeds Should Be Like Friends To You

Oboe reeds should be like best friends you can rely on day to day and under pressure. They need to meet you where you are, be up to the rigors of the relationship, allow you to grow, and of course help you shine. While no oboe reed is ever perfect, our customers are loyal, and grateful to have discovered oboe reeds they can rely on, as they do with a best friend.

Singular Focus On Oboe Reed Making

My singular focus is making oboe and English horn reeds for our community. My reed making duties do not compete with other professional responsibilities that interrupt work flow. This focus, along with pipeline management allows for one of the fastest turnaround of orders in the industry without compromising quality.