oboe reeds

Start With a Philosophy Of Oboe Reed Making To Get The Desired Results

Oboe Reeds That Are Better Than The Rest

Buying Oboe Reeds from Magic Reed means that you will have your own personal reed maker and oboe reed manager. Every reed that is shipped is either handmade from scratch, hand finished, or adjusted by me prior to sorting and certification. This results in the highest quality control possible for an expanding platform of reeds.

Oboe Reeds With Purpose

Our Oboe Reeds are made with purpose. We have worked hard to establish a product line that embraces the needs of a broad range of professional, highly skilled, student and adult amateur players. We offer robust, free-blowing, streamlined and high altitude options. Learn more.

"Define" A Great Oboe Reed

Oboe reed definition is about thicknesses within and between the tip, heart and back of the reed. Magic Reeds are made with harder cane that permit more definition, and are beefy and robust. We are introducing more streamlined professional alternatives with universal appeal. Our student models use somewhat softer cane, and are designed for optimum response, pitch and stability for the developing player.

"Settled Down" Process For Best Results

More discrete steps followed by drying cycles leads to better results. This starts with a large inventory personally gouged oboe cane from my prized inventory, ready to age into their glory. They are then hand selected for the reed I intend to make, mounted onto a blank with a light hand profile to settle. several weeks or more. (Elite and custom reeds are mounted to order). Then, depending on the model chosen, the reed can go to a 90% finish on their way to up two more finishing cycles. Reeds are more stable upon ship, play better, and are easier to work with because they reveal their scraping needs and ultimate potential earlier in the process.

"Hard" To Make Does Not Necessarily Equate To Hard To Play

At Magic Reed, we dare to work with harder cane, even though it has a higher fail rate, takes more time, and is more difficult to make. This is unique in the industry. We do it because we have the expert skills to process the cane correctly for the challenge, knowing that its particular structure supports a more nuanced result than one can achieve with softer cane. We reserve this cane for higher end reeds to produce the extraordinary results that keep the most experienced players as Magic Reed loyalists.

Oboe Reeds Should Be Like Friends To You

Oboe reeds should be like best friends you can rely on day to day and under pressure. They need to meet you where you are, be up to the rigors of the relationship, allow you to grow, and of course help you shine. While no oboe reed is ever perfect, our customers are loyal, and grateful to have discovered oboe reeds they can rely on, as they do with a best friend.

The Virtue Of A Handmade Oboe Reed From A Trusted Reed Maker

Handmade Oboe Reeds are the best because there is complete control over materials and scrape. I have the freedom to make adjustments to staples; cane strength, density and size; and scrape to overcome the inherent challenges of finishing the best possible oboe reed.

Singular Focus On A Double Reed

Our singular focus is making oboe and English horn reeds for our community. This results in better customer service and a faster turnaround for orders than is customary in the industry. This is possible because our professional reed making duties do not compete with second jobs, playing obligations, our own reed needs and tours that interrupt our work schedules. We also plan ahead for our oboe reed needs with supplies, blanks and hand profiled inventory for all but our elite and custom reeds, so that we can spend more time on orders as they come in.