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Oboe Cane Buying Guide

Magic Reed is a specialty oboe cane shop featuring a curated collection of best quality cane. This is the same cane I use to craft my best oboe reeds. I started building this collection in 2015. Every purchase of cane was preceded with testing and executed based on merit. This strategy gave me the confidence to invest in large enough quantities to ensure the long term health of my reed business. Since I always have enough cane for the life of my business, I only add to this collection based only on merit. As I rebalance my inventories, I am free to add to this wonderful oboe cane product category.  

My opportunistic shopping habits are great for me and my customers. I get to draw on an inventory of differentiated cane which is a real asset for any professional reed maker.  My loyal customers buy with confidence, and are able to make buying decisions based soley on strength, density and diameter variables. This is a unique model in an industry that sometimes prizes an expansive cane category at the expense of reliable quality.  It is one of the reasons that I have so many elite performing artists as loyal customers. 

Frejus Oboe Cane- 2018 is available in medium to harder strengths. It is medium walled with somewhat less density than our Var 2017 option.  I enjoy working with all strengths. I use the harder strength for my professional reeds because it is the best of both worlds. It gives me enough hardness for a nuanced scrape with enough inner flexibility for optimum response.  Available in gouged and shaped forms in 10-10.5 diameters. This cane is capable of excellent results.

Frejus Oboe And English Horn Cane- Late 2021 is the latest addition to our product line and will be one of my go-to oboe canes for my reed making business. It is easy to work and produces great reed with lots of warmth and expression. It is available in 10-10.5 and 10.5-11 diameters and in processed form only.

Magic Reed Select- 2019 Oboe Cane was grown in a region with very similar climate and conditions to the Var region of France. My inventory consists of choice cuts of true medium strength cane that feature medium + to thick walls.  I get my best results with two finishing cycles. Available in gouged and shaped forms.  

Avignon Oboe Cane -2018 and 2022- Original 2018 batch of cane was terrific.  I received a tip that the 2022 was the best in years, and I scooped up as much as I could of the last of this harvest for sale. Inventory is allocated to gouged and shaped cane in the 10-10.5 diameters. It features thick walls and higher densities.  Produces sensational professional reeds with focused tone quality.

Var Oboe Cane- 2015-2018 launched our oboe cane services category. Elite players you know called my 2017 purchase "the best cane in 20 years" and professionals purchased it by the pound in whatever quantities I made available. While no longer available in tube form, I saved plenty for my reed making and processed cane sales. I balance density with a gouge that is no more than .59. The reeds I make with them are dark and sonorous with a complex texture.  Available in 10.5 and 10.5-11 diameters.