Oboe Cane Buying Guide

Magic Reed is a full service oboe cane Shop.  We offer oboe cane in tube, pre-gouged, gouged and shaped forms.  We identify our cane options by diameter, hardness and density.  Our core inventory includes Marion, Rouche, Magic Reed Select, and Vic.  We also offer Medir, Alliaud, Vic and Innoledy. We make our purchases in large quantities (usually one source per year) based on a search, test, invest strategy.  

About Our Oboe Cane Selections

Marion Oboe Cane launched our oboe cane services category.  It is dense, medium thick to thick walled cane with an average of 105 tubes/lb.  Elite players you know called it "the best cane in 20 years" and professionals purchased it by the pound in whatever quantities I made available.  While no longer available in tube form, I saved plenty for my reed making and processed cane sales.  I balance density with a gouge that is no more than .59.  The reeds I make with them are dark and sonorous with a complex texture.  Available in 10.5 and 10.5-11 diameters.  Split and trimmed are available for professionals by special request. 

Magic Reed Select Oboe Cane was grown in a region with very similar climate and conditions to the Var region of France.  Judicious sorting and editing  has resulted in an excellent inventory of medium strength cane that feature medium + to thick walls.  I get my best results with two finishing cycles.  Available in pre-gouged (3 options), gouged and shaped forms.  We discontinued tube cane sales to be able to bring the price down on processed cane option.

Vic Oboe Cane is available in medium to harder strengths. It is medium walled with somewhat less density than our Var 2017 option.  I enjoy working with all strengths. I use the harder strength for my professional reeds because it is the best of both worlds.  It gives me enough hardness for a nuanced scrape with enough inner flexibility for optimum response.  Available in gouged and shaped forms in 10-10.5 and 10.5-11 diameters.  I have a small amount of 10-10.5 tubes.  This cane is capable of excellent results.

Rouche Oboe Cane is the latest addition to our product line and will be one of my go-to oboe canes for my reed making business.  It is easy to work and produces great reed with lots of warmth and expression.  It is available in 10-10.5 and 10.5-11 diameters and in processed form only.

Medir Oboe Cane LTD  inventory is very limited and is allocated to gouged and shaped cane in 10.5-11 diameters.   It has aged beautifully with me and I wish I bought more.  For reference, this year's Medir cane is much harder than my stash that I love.

Alliaud Oboe Cane LTD Dinventory is allocated to gouged and shaped cane in the 10-10.5 diameters.  Its walls are thicker than Medir's, but it is denser, not harder.

Innoledy Oboe Cane LTD is  medium to medium hard strength with medium walls and density.  For reference, standard .60/45 gouge works well. It is only available in 10.5-11 diameters and in gouged and shaped forms.  Its age has only made it better, and is capable of beautiful results.  I will be folded into my Var inventory under the medium strength attribute.

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