Magic Reed Specifications

For Those Who Want To Know More:

Magic Reed Oboe Reeds are made with an American long scrape and a signature internal structure that reflects our preference for extra beef.  The degree of beef in a reed, in combination with the preferred size of the aperture, are key factors  that differentiate one reed maker's reed from another.  We work in a world where millimeters make all the difference in performance and where there is no room for error.  We need to adjust for the natural differences in the cane based on diameter, density and other factors.  We need to do all this while modifying the strength of student reeds so that players who are either not ready for more beef, or who prefer and easier ride can enjoy our products.  

Reed specifications: 

  • American long scrape
  • ​Gouge- @.59
  • Shape- Usually a Liang
  • Heart thickness- @.40  
  • Blended tip- Starts at @ .19 mm from thread.  
  • Length of blank- 73 mm; Length of finished reed- @69.5-70 mm  
  • Staple- Synthetic cork (Student and Intermediate) Natural Cork- Chiarugi #2 upgrade available on Conservatory and Professional models. 
  • FF thread 
  • They generally require a break-in period.  Our student and intermediate reeds are designed for an easier ride, but may also require a break-in period. 

Cane Selection:

  • We use harder cane on higher end reeds for a beefier experience.  Harder cane produces a more professional experience, but it is a much more difficult reed to make, and requires more finishing time.
  • Medium strength cane is used for student and intermediate reeds.  These reeds are difficult to make for a different reason.  Creating an easier ride while maintaining the structure needed for play and longevity is a tight rope for any reed maker.  We avoid the use of soft cane in general.


  • Reeds are progressively warmer, darker and  more responsive from one grade to the next higher one.