Oboe Reed Reviews

  • Magic Reed is nationally recognized as having one of the very best handmade oboe reeds on the market.  Our customers include touring professionals, teachers, pre-professionals and aspiring students.  The following are a small sample of the rave oboe reed reviews and feedback we receive on a regular basis.

  • Amy Richter- "I've been teaching oboe privately for over 40 years and do not have time to make reeds for my students since I am a full-time school band director. I started using Magic Reeds with my students a couple of years ago and have been very pleased. The reeds respond easily and the opening is closed enough that my students do not have to struggle to play them. Recently Magic Reed has darkened the sound on the reeds a bit, which my students and I really like. The Magic Reed company is customer-friendly and I always receive my reeds undamaged and very quickly".
  • ​Virginia Brewer-(P)  "I have been using Kathy's reeds in concert for years, and enjoy their warmth, response and stability.  She is my go-to reed maker for my important events".
  • Marion Matravers- "...Yours are clearly the best. I probably told you this with the order, but I had not played since jr. high thru college yrs. - and am now (mostly) retired. Thus, no embouchure = soft reeds. Found a local teacher; we  studied the reeds I have and she pointed out what structural factors make yours better..."
  • Emily J (I)- "This is a really great reed.  Closer in quality to some of the pro reeds I have sampled.  I will purchase again."
  • RKat (S)-"My daughter plays the oboe.   She loves this reed and it has lasted much longer than others that are not handmade."​

We really appreciate all of our oboe reed testimonials.  Here are some more examples:

  • Sandy, Saddle River (I)- I have tried so many oboe reeds looking for one that would help me sound good.  Both my teacher and me were always disappointed, until I bought a Magic Reed.  She didn't have to do anything to it to make it work really well, and I never sounded better.  I have mored from second oboe to first oboe in my school band and I can't wait to play."
  • LC- "I am delighted by the quality of the reeds I bought and my students are enjoying them as well.  In some cases, I was surprised just how good my students sounded- impossible without a good reed.  Thanks again."
  • Max S- "Great reed.  First time user.  Everything I need and more.  It is a whole new experience to play a handmade pro reed.  Now I know what I have been missing."
  • Robert M- Pro reed has consistently exceeded my expectations.  It is rich, warm and responsive.  I have never found another reed on the market that is this good.  It is a truly professional reed worthy of a professional player."