Oboe D'amore Reeds And Blanks & Stuff

Professional Oboe D'amore Reeds

Handmade Oboe D'amore Reeds-95

Our handmade Oboe d'amore reeds are the newest addition to our Magic Reed product line, and supports the nation's more elite musicians. They are structured for a warm, beautiful tone and are 95% finished.  We leave the last scrapes to the musician, who is typically a very capable reed maker with a point of view.

Oboe D'amore Blanks And Profiled Reeds

Many players for which oboe d'amore is not a primary instrument, appreciate the head start that blanks and profiled reeds can offer.  We offer two great cane strengths and choice of staple.  There is a five reed minimum for this offer.

Oboe D'amore Cane

Our Oboe d'amore cane is available in tube and split and trimmed form; and in 11-11.5 and 11.5-12 diameters

Oboe D'amore Staples

We are offering Guercio Oboe d'amore corked tubes in 25 and 26 mm lengths at clearance prices.   They work great, but they look different.  Try a couple and decide for yourself.