About Our Oboe Cane

At Magic Reed, we put extraordinary cane in the hands, and under the knives, of elite professionals and their students.  We are uniquely positioned in the market and have earned the trust and loyalty of elite players who prefer our business model.

  • We typically buy large amounts of truly extraordinary cane from one grower per year. We make this purchase only after pre-testing yield and overall results.  
  • We use the same cane we sell and are as happy to keep it as to sell it- it is that good.
  • We keep our processed cane prices highly competitive. Our tube cane carries a premium price, due to its scarcity and the lost opportunity of using it ourselves or selling it in processed form.  

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More About Our Professional Oboe Cane

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Our core inventory is Magic Reed (M-MH and MH-H).  It was all purchased in the first half of 2017.  It was heralded as "the best cane in 20 years", so we bought a lot and launched a business.  The remaining inventory is primarily 10.5 and 10.5-11.  It is available in tube, gouged and shaped forms.

  • Frejus (M and MH-H) was added to our inventory in 2018.  This is a wonderful no-fuss cane that produces great reeds for a broad range of players. It is very scarce, and very expensive.  I begged, borrowed... to get it, and bought all that was made available.  
  • Our limited inventory options are all in the medium hard strength range.  These include Innoledy Var (2015) and Victoria in gouged or shaped form only. Victoria is currently being sampled and market tested.  We have a couple of pounds of Alliaud 10-10.5 as well.
  • We offer cane in elite and conservatory grades, and in tube, gouged and shaped options.

Our Processing Protocol:

  • All tube and processed cane is highly sorted and processed to exacting standards- including hardness, density, diameter gouge and final conformation.
  • We gouge on RDG gougers with a 60/45 ratio
  • We offer a regular shape (right now Liang) and the following custom shapes: Mac++, BrannenX, Samson +, RDG -1, Lucarelli, Westwind M & Z.

Leading Artists & Educators Love Our Cane

  • Dan Ross- 5/25/17  "Cane's great!"  
  • Bob Atherholt- 5/25/17  "It is a joy working with this cane.  It loves being scraped!"   
  • Scott Bell-"Over the years I have spent way too much money and time in pursuit of the "right" cane.  More recently, I have been very happy using cane from the Magic Reed.  It is a great relief to  my sanity and pocketbook trusting that someone out there knows how to find great cane. I honestly don't have the skills to make decent reeds out of mediocre cane so finding cane like this  with the right texture and durability is critical in my process.  
  • Jim Mason- 2/27/17  " I got your cane and have been trying it and I really like it! It is a hard cane that acts like a soft one! I find that it really projects and can take a thin tip but stay "dark."  It doesn't get grainy or chirpy like many hard canes do when you make the corners of the tip really thin. I will buy more!"  
  • Sherry Sylar- 3/3/17 "Thank you for sharing the best cane I have seen in 20 years".  
  • Dan W-"...The yield of straight pieces is very high. The texture, I would describe as tough and resilient rather than actually hard, which I usually correlate with being brittle. It consistently  produces a fat, dark core..."  
  • Beth Aiken- 5/2/17 "I found good pieces from every tube so far.  They gouge very nicely and evenly.  I have had good luck turning reed blanks into very responsive reeds.  Thank you for letting me  know about this wonderful cane".  
  • MingJia Liu-  "I made 10 out of 10 great reeds from your cane.  How much more can I have?" All of his colleagues at SFO now use our cane.  
  • Peter Cooper- Colorado-"Great cane.  I would like to buy three pounds for my students".  
  • Mickenna Kellar-  "Nancy King has been raving about the quality of your cane.  I must try some".  
  • Dorothy Darlington- "I haven't seen anything like this in years".