Our Oboe Cane Is Better For A Reason

  • At Magic Reed, we do more to put best in category oboe cane in the hands, and under the knives, of elite professionals and their students. 
  • Our model differs from most specialty cane businesses, and is designed to improve quality and buyer confidence in our products.
  • We have more inventory on hand than most, but generally carry product from fewer growers.  We have no urgency to buy at any time- we only buy opportunistically.
  • Our longer buying cycles allow us to pre-test nearly all of our inventory.  This improves the quality and consistency of our product.  
  • Our elite Magic Reed Cane is the same that we use to make our professional and custom professional reeds, and we achieve an excellent yield from it, and without fuss.   Our conservatory cane is perfect for our conservatory bound students with reed making skills.  Our cane is generally easy to  work with, and our conservatory cane has all of the right attributes to help advanced players sound great, even when their embouchures are not completely established.  It just has the right stuff.
  • All outgoing cane is labelled so that you can buy from the same batch in the future,  or use it as a benchmark to  consult with us if you want something different. Our shop will provide all the information you need to make the right decision.  If not, contact us directly. 
  • All processing is done in-house, with multiple sorts by wall thickness, hardness (flex test), diameter and gouge.  Custom shapes are processed to order.  Our specific inventories are listed in the options section in our Shop.
  • As one would expect, our cane is premium priced and most suitable for advanced to expert reed makers who are looking for a extraordinary cane that showcases their craftsmanship and playing ability.  However, any oboist with the resources to purchase our cane would benefit from having it in their inventory.  Beginners can contact us directly for non-production grade cane at steeply discounted prices.

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Oboe Cane Reviews

Our Oboe Cane Options

Shaped Cane

Shaped Oboe Cane

Shaped oboe cane is available with standard and custom options that include choice of: diameter; cane strength; shape and overall quality.  Our standard gouge is .595-.605.  We offer four shapes that are made with a Reeds n Stuff shaping machine.  We like it for its consistent result, better fold, and hand preservation.  We fold the cane prior to shipment so we can extract those slips that do not pass our quality control standards.

Gouged Cane

Gouged Oboe Cane

Gouged cane is available with options that include strength; wall thickness; density; gouger and overall quality.  Our standard gouge is between .595 and .605.  Please contact us if you have different preferences.

Cut-To-Length Cane

Cut-to-length oboe cane

Our cut-to-length  (or split and trimmed) cane is enjoyed by players who want to streamline processing, assure maximum yield, or use their own gougers and shapers to create their most personalized result.  Every slip of C-T-L professional grade is a treasure.  We offer a 10% discount versus the gouged cane option as a courtesy to those who prefer this autonomy in their reed making without sa

Tube Cane

Oboe Tube Cane

We maintain a limited inventory of oboe tube cane as a service  to the professional community.  We offer it in small bundles, and it is a prized "go to" cane for important events.  Cureently, our tube cane for sale is 2017 medium-medium hard, in the 10.5 and 10.5-11 diameters.  This offering is subject to change at any time.

Blanks and Profiled Reeds

Oboe Blanks and Profiled Reeds

There are many reasons to turn to blanks and profiled reeds.  Busy players appreciate time saved.  Students often learn best when they work backwards from finishing to mounting when they are developing their skills.  Most everyone appreciates the value of a properly mounted reed with all of the advantages of great cane on a choice of staples, correct length, the right torque, a proper seal, and a profile that sets the tip and exposes the bark.  We offer our head start products in cane in 10-10.5 and 10.5-11 diameters.  

Cane Selection Tips

Choosing Diameter

We offer cane in 10-10.5 and 10.5-11 diameters.  The larger the diameter, the smaller the aperture.  Smaller apertures are usually better for players who do not cover, and want to restrain their projection.  Smaller diameters are appropriate for coastal climates and climates with average humidities.  Players with dryer, colder climates, and those with advanced reed making skills will usually prefer a smaller diameter.

Choosing Strength

Typically, harder strength cane requires advanced, more nuanced reed making skills.  These reeds last longer, but they may require a break-in period, and frequent adjustments.  Medium strength cane is easier to work with, and is generally not offended by streamlined reed making techniques.  Soft cane may not gouge easily, collapses, and does not last long, and does not have the richness of harder canes.  We do not sell soft cane at Magic Reed.

Managing Aperture

Additional leverage points for aperture include staple size and length of the blank. There are many staples out there with different dimensions.  Typically, oval staples perform better than more rounded ones in managing expected aperture relative to cane diameter.  The shorter the tie, the more open the reed.  There is a perfect intersection based on staple, diameter and tie length that is ripe for experimentation.  Go at it.

Cane Shape And Sound

Narrow shapes tend to sit up in pitch, but they also can end up on the bright side without advanced reed making skills.  Wide shapes tend to much warmer, but little flatter than narrower options.  This can usually be mitigated with  length and other finishing techniques.


Our Magic Reed cane is our best cane, with enough diameters, strengths and shapes to satisfy the most discriminating players. We have loaded our Conservatory and pre-conservatory option with our recommendations.

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