Oboe Cane

Oboe Cane Overview

  • In 2017, Magic Reed was fortunate enough to find an extraordinary source of harder professional oboe cane from the south of France.  It was a unique buying opportunity so we made a significant long term investment that included an allocation for resale.  The cane strength ranges from medium plus to hard, and  is generally dense; thick walled; tight fibered;  darker in color with some marbling; resilient; easy to work with; and, simply "loves to be scraped".  It is not at all brittle, even in its hardest form. 

  • We presented our cane to the  elite oboe community where it has earned rave reviews.  Our remaining resale inventory is mostly allocated to gouged or shaped form. All processing is done in-house, with multiple sorts by wall thickness, hardness (flex test), diameter and gouge.  Custom shapes are processed to order.  Our specific inventories are listed in the options section in our Shop.  It generally leans toward our own preference of 10.5-11.

  • As one would expect, this is a premium priced cane that is most suitable for advanced to expert reed makers who are looking for a extraordinary cane that showcases their craftsmanship and playing ability.  However, all reed makers would benefit from  having a least some of this cane in their inventory to use for special events.

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Oboe Cane Shaped

Shaped oboe cane is available in our standard shape on generally medium to medium hard strength, and always with our standard gouge of .585-.60.  It is also available in your choice of strength and shape for a small premium. We offer hand shaped and machine assisted shaped options.   Check out our shop for more information. The shapes are presented in order of size, starting with our narrowest version.  They are housed in a secure plastic case with product specific labelling.

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Oboe Cane Gouged

Gouged only oboe cane is an excellent solution for those who want a no hassle way of working with the best cane.  We have customers with and without gougers, who seek out this cane in any form.  It is sold by strength, and wall thickness upon request.  We gouge it between .585 and .60, mostly on our Ross Gouger.   They are housed in a secure plastic case with product specific  labelling.

Oboe Cane Cut-To-Length

Our cut-to-length cane is enjoyed by players who want to streamline processing, assure maximum yield, or use their own gougers and shapers to create their most personalized result.  Every slip of C-T-L professional grade is a treasure.  We offer a 10% discount versus the gouged cane option as a courtesy to those who prefer this autonomy in their reed making without sa

Oboe Tube Cane

We maintain a limited inventory of oboe tube cane as a service  to the professional community.  We offer it in small bundles, and it is a prized "go to" cane for important events.  

Special Orders

Oboe Cane- Wall Thickness Images

Do You Care About Density/Wall Thickness?

We have conducted an additional sort by wall thickness for those who seek this level of specificity.  The two left tubes represent regular wall cane, and the two right represent extra thick walled inventory.  We are prepared to gouge or shape cane in regular or extra thick upon request.

Blanks And Profiled Reeds

Blanks and Profiled Reeds

Head Start Products For Students And Pro's

There are many reasons to turn to blanks and profiled reeds.  Busy players appreciate time saved.  Students often learn best when they work backwards from finishing to mounting when they are developing their skills.  Most everyone appreciates the value of a properly mounted reed with all of the advantages of great cane on a choice of staples, correct length, the right torque, a proper seal, and a profile that sets the tip and exposes the bark.  We offer our head start products in cane in 10-10.5 and 10.5-11 diameters.