Used Oboes for sale

All About "Notable" Oboes

Our goal at Magic Reed is to present  best in category used oboes to serious players within our community.  We keep our inventory small and targeted- and this is a good thing.  We seek an optimal intersection of quality, age, condition in any oboe we sell.  We never offer an oboe we would not be willing to play ourselves.  Every oboe is professionally serviced by a master technician to bring them to concert ready condition.

Trial periods are available.

Laubin Rosewood Oboe For Sale

New/Old Stock Laubin Rosewood Oboe- (s/n 2335)/Never Played By Original Owner

Rare opportunity to own a new/old stock (open box)  Laubin Rosewood Oboe at a price below the appraisal for one that has been fully used. This oboe has simply not been played, except for testing and trial.  Serviced by Paul, it only required a minimal adjustment.  He was both stunned by its beauty and pristine condition.  He was also deeply saddened that it has clearly not been played.  It performs great, as one would expect from a Laubin.  Full break-in period per Laubin protocol is needed.  New Rosewoods go from $14,000-17,000 depending where they are purchased, and there is a 10 year waiting list.  Priced under market, with price match guarantee*.

Professional Used Oboes

Used Laubin Rosewood Oboe- (s/n 2052)

Laubin turned out some of their best oboes in the early 90s, and this is no exception.  It comes in perfect, even pristine condition.  This rosewood was purchased in January of 2019, and arrived in nearly the same new/old stock condition as the 2003 model above.  We have broken it in with light use and are enjoying it while it awaits its new home.  Keyword shows no signs of wear, and there is no history of cracks.  Paul Laubin gave it a once over, and declared it in perfect condition with little to do.  It has a sweet, penetrating tone that professionals love.   Priced under appraised value, with price match guarantee*. 

Loree 125 For Sale

Used Loree 125 Oboe For Sale

Loree 125 For Sale

Loree 125 oboes are the best of the best in Loree's product line.  They have a Royal bore that has been set aside for special aging, are made with gold trim, and have other bells and whistles not found in the AK, standard for regular Royal models.  They are have a darker tone color than then non Royal models, which reflects America's changing tastes in oboes. Competitively priced.

Used Howarth XLVT 86xx On The Way

Price Match Guarantee

We will match the price of certain oboes of same age and condition that are advertised in our cottage industry in the USA.  This excludes  E-bay and other marketplace sites.  See listing.

We Buy Used Oboes

Laubin Oboe or English Horn

We are especially interested in Laubin's manufactured in the early 90s or later

Loree Oboe

We seek Loree oboes from the 1990's or later.

Howarth Marigaux, Fox, Hiniker Oboes

We are happy to talk to you about your Howarth, Marigaux, Fox, Hiniker or other oboes of merit.  We offer fair prices based on condition and demand.