Meet Your Reed Maker

Expert Reed Maker

Kathy Sheinhouse, Reed Maker and Business Owner

Kathy is a professional oboist and oboe reed maker who received her musical training at Juilliard and Oberlin Conservatory, studying with Lois Wann and James Caldwell- with additional  influences from some of America's most premier artists (Lucarelli, Brewer and others). She enjoyed a freelance career where she was a featured soloist with area orchestras and Wind Symphonies, and founded smaller ensembles, including Sirius Wind Quintet to give back to the community.  She has recently added the study of piano to her musical passions.

Kathy also earned masters degrees in business management and counseling psychology and has enjoyed a rich professional life both in and outside music.  She prides herself on a strong customer service orientation, precision craftsmanship, and a philosophy of continuous improvement.

Business Philosophy

We have chosen a business model that keeps us small, highly focused, hands-on and relationship driven.  We know that this is a winning formula for our customers.  We focus on products that are supported by our core competences, and that are truly differentiated in the market.   This includes: reeds with a bolder professional structure, great cane in the harder end of the continuum; and, used oboes that any pro would want to play, and at very attractive prices.

Here Are Some Of The Things We Care About:

Focus On Quality– All the best, including materials, finished products and even packaging.  We put in the time and have the quality controls to stand behind every product we sell.

Customer Service– If you have a question or have a concern you can contact Kathy by e-mail or telephone.

Satisfaction Guarantees– If you are not happy, we will make it right.

Fastest Turnaround In The Business–Usually 3-5 days, and every order comes with an invoice.

Oboe  Education- Check out our backlinks and blog with a wealth of information on reed making, oboe centric decision making,  general  musical development, and much more.

Our Professional Reed Making Protocol

Oboe Reeds For Sale

Best Oboe Reeds-Materials

Magic Reed Oboe Reeds are in a class by themselves.  This is possible because we are experts in reed making, oboe performance, and never skimp on process or materials.  Our cane is purchased based on a worldwide search and pre-testing protocol.  We seek out the hardest, not the softest cane that makes our model specific results possible.  Soft cane is easier to work with, and standard in the industry, but it is not capable of getting the results we want, including reed brilliance and longevity.  We only use professional model staples (Chiarugi or Guercio), even for student models.  They feature natural cork and our choice of a 47 mm or 46 mm length, unless specified in order.   We take the time necessary to balance tone, response &  pitch before we certify our reeds at or above grade level.  We have an excellent retention rate with players who prefer a robust oboe reed capable of delivering great performances.

Professional Reed Making

Best Oboe Reeds-Process

All of our oboe reeds are made from scratch right here in our workshop.  This is in stark contrast to many well known makers who outsource their inventories of blanks and profiled reeds (often of inferior quality) for rapid, assembly line finishing. Our practice allows us to better match cane strength, density, size and staple for a more custom reed, made in real-time for you.  We make our reeds in stages, because the rest they get between these steps make for a better result with less wrangling.   We  apply an American scrape to our reeds, and are flexible in finishing (especially in terms of the degree definition of the parts). This is because cane strength impacts the degree of definition that is possible.  Harder cane is more difficult to work with, but permits more nuanced finishing.  Our student reeds are generally made with medium strength cane.  Our professional reeds feature harder cane for a darker and more robust result.