Magic Reed Oboe Cane

Exclusively Used On Our Finished Oboe Reeds And Custom Blanks

  • Magic Reed Oboe Cane, grown in the south of France is nationally recognized as one of the best professional oboe canes in many years.  All of our remaining 2017 inventory is allocated to finished oboe reeds and custom blanks*, except for periodic cane "Specials" which can be found on our Shop page.
  •  Our oboe cane is dense; thick walled; tight fibered; harder (without being at all brittle), darker in color with some marbling; resilient; easy to work with; and, simply "loves to be scraped". 
  • While harder cane can be somewhat more difficult to work with than softer alternatives, pro's often choose it hands down for their own needs because it produces a better, more consistent result, and a more long-lived reed. 

*Magic Reed has always promised to offer our customers the highest quality products on the market- including tube and processed cane.  Recent changes in the quality and consistency of cane harvests have adversely impacted yield, and therefore, tube and processed cane sales will be suspended until a new source of high quality cane, worthy of the Magic Reed brand, can be identified.  Those players who make their own reeds, and prefer our 2017 cane, will have the opportunity to work with it through the purchase of custom oboe reed blanks.  Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


Cane Processing Video

Processing professional oboe cane to gouged and shaped form is  both an art and a science.  It requires the best tools, the best technique, specialized knowledge, good judgement and the right process.  Learn more.