How We Make Our Oboe Reeds


Best Cane

We found an extraordinary source of harder oboe cane in 2017, and we made a large investment in it for our long term needs and for resale (see cane page for details).  We hand select the right cane for each model with consideration to hardness and diameter.  Aperture size is managed by diameter, and apertures vary by grade.

Precision Processed

We custom process our cane based on its key attributes.  We strive for the optimal intersection of hardness, gouge and shape knowing that small deviations can make a big difference in reed performance.  Our target gouge is .585-.60/.45-.47.  We use a Brannen X as our standard shape.  We offer additional shaping options for our Custom Reed Model.

Professionally Mounted Blank

Every blank s created with the same precision.  Blanks are mounted with a standard 47 mm staple (with 47 and 46 millimeter upgrades available at the Pro and Custom grades).  They are tied at 73 mm, with an expectation that the reed will be finished at 70 mm.  The cane is offset on the staple to create the torque that helps in reed performance.  They seal and are crack free.  

Finished Across Multiple Drying Cycles

A great reed cannot be made in a day, and rarely in two.  Reed stability requires multiple drying cycles.  This provides the reed maker with better information to make the right adjustments.

Classical American Long Scrape With A Professional Result

Reeds are finished using an American long scrape;  defined tip (not a cliff); a signature balance of heart and  spine to achieve a beefy reed within the strength range requested.  Professional and custom reeds have options to finish the reed for a Loree, Howarth or Laubin oboe.  Our Loree oboe is used to finish all other reeds.