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About Our Oboe Reeds

Magic Reed  specializes in "best in class" oboe reeds for discerning professional , pre-professional, and student musicians.  Every reed is handmade in-house by our expert reed maker and business owner.  This ensures high quality, consistency and reliability of our product line.  Our oboe reeds have been described as highly nuanced, expressive, well balanced, and beefy by players who know- the professional artists, teachers and loyal customers who enjoy them.   Our oboe reeds have enough wood in all the right places so that when you do the more of the right things, and it will contribute more than it's fair share to your musical result. This is true for every model we produce. The bottom line is that we only sell reeds that we would be happy to play in concert or make for our highly valued students.  Quality reeds, like ours, are essential for proper skills development and peak performance.

Our customers  include touring professionals, conservatory oboe professors, private teachers, as well as dedicated amateurs and students who find us on-line or through referral. There are plenty of reed makers and reed styles in  the market, and room for most of us, because after all  there are "different strokes for different folks".  However, if you are are finding that your reed isn't doing the job and that you are willing to work a little harder or differently to get a better result, we encourage you to take a test drive with us.

Magic Reed turnaround times are the gold standard in the industry- usually 3 days or less.  We can achieve this service level without rushing or compromising quality.  This is possible  because we manage our pipeline of partially finished reeds so carefully.  By the time we receive an order, we have plenty of ready-to finish reeds with different characteristics and great potential.  Further, they have already gone through several drying cycles, and this  gives us more of the information we need to finish them properly.  This strategy improves their reliability after shipment.  We hand select your oboe reeds from our stock based upon what we know about you and how these blanks are likely to behave.  We often finish more reeds than our orders call for, and select the best of the batch so that we can be sure you willl be happy. 

About Our Oboe Cane

Our Magic Reed Oboe Cane has been described as "the best in 20 years" by elite recording artists and conservatory educators. The cane we sell on line is from the same inventory that earned these rave reviews.  It is hand-processed right here in our shop and available in cut-to-length, gouged, shaped and custom shaped forms.  We hand select slips that match your specifications, with final gouging or shaping done to order.  Our cane is harder/denser without being at all brittle; it is easy to scrape; resilient; and produces a great reed, even in cold, dry and high altitude climates. Professional seeking tube cane should contact us directly to discuss special and pre-order options. Special order cane will come from the same grower, with similar properties, but from a more recent harvest.  We encourage you to check out our cane page for more information, and a shop to study all of our options.

About Your Reed Maker

Kathy Sheinhouse received her musical training at Juilliard and Oberlin Conservatory with additional  influences from some of America's most premier artists (Lucarelli, Brewer and others). She also earned masters degrees in business management and counseling psychology and has enjoyed a rich professional life both in and outside music.  She prides herself on a strong customer service orientation, precision craftsmanship, a philosophy of continuous improvement, and the continuation of her own satisfying musical life (which now also includes studying the piano).

Kathy knows first hand how humbling reed making is, and her skills developed over many years.  It is hard until it makes sense, and even when it makes sense, it can still be difficult and frustrating at times (especially when seasons change).  Her mission is to use her reed making/cane processing talents to  promote great music making and an extraordinary musical life for all of her customers. 

About Our Company

We have chosen a business model that keeps us small, highly focused and hand-on.  We believe that customers want to know and have access to their reed maker, and one who focuses on product quality before all else.  We don't want to take even a half step away from hand-on production in pursuit of a full-service menu.

We have a strong emphasis on customer service and satisfaction.  We Welcome all feedback that points us in the direction of being a most valued resource to the oboe community.

About This Website

We have worked hard to present a website that not only showcases our great products, but provides the information that both beginner and pro would want to know to make informed buying decisions. We have designed it so that reed makers will also benefit by incorporating at least some of the elements of our process tutorials into their own practice. 

We have pages on product, process,  testimonials, Q & A and general oboe education.  These are in written and video form.  Our site has plenty of surprises, so we encourage you to take your time in exploring its content.

Let's kick things off with an great intro to oboe by Hugh Downs.  It was seen a few years back on " 60 Minutes" News Hour.