Why Handmade Oboe Reeds Are Best

Learn more about why handmade oboe reeds make you sound better, and help you progress progress further and faster.  You will also come to understand why Magic Reed Handmade Oboe Reeds are the best in their categories.

Our Handmade Oboe Reed Process

Sourcing to Pre-Gouge

We procure the best cane we can find through extensive sampling, and buy as much as we cane when we are sure it is extraordinary.  We let it sit in both tube and then pre-gouged form as long as possible to help it settle for improved reliability, stability and performance.  We select only the "choice cuts" from the tube, discarding more cane that doesn't meet our standards than is typical in the industry. 

Pre-Gouge To Blank

We like to combine gouging, shaping and mounting the blank together whenever possible, with quality control pruning throughout.  As an example, gouged cane, at times, can shrink if not combined with shaping, sometimes ruining it.  We generally mount the shaped cane right away because it is ready for this step by virtue of being soaked.  We prefer to keep drying cycles to three, so save two drying cycles for later in the process when it is most helpful. 

Blank To Finished Reed

We thin the tip, clip, establish the overlap, and expose the bark right away, with most of the pruning taking place when we clip the tip.   We give it a drying cycle (a couple of days) and return to see how it settled.  We prune some more.  We usually finish student reeds one time and do a double finish for professional reeds, maximizing quality control.